Labour can apologise – but not in ‘Scum Labour’ Rotherham

Michael Elmer, remember him? He came up with the term ‘Scum Labour’ to describe the secretive and corrupt ways that infect the ‘body politic’ through large swathes of labour’s northern ‘heartlands’.

Michael has kindly supplied the information for this tale of over zealousness of the Labour Party in their own Rule Book, of what constitutes a ‘secret society’. This story shows the contrast between the willing admission of their error and preparedness to apologise by labour nationally, with the failure of the Labour Party to deal with Gerald Smith’s outrageous libel of individuals and the Christian Democrats!

The contrast is stark and exposes the secretive and corrupt ways of ‘scum Labour’ Rotherham, when they won’t even get Gerald Smith, at least to apologise, for his own offensive statements strewn with factual inaccuracies and more than one actual libel and repeated to the point of egregiousness! Roger Stone, pictured left and the whole Labour Group are now making a laughing stock of themselves. The unnamed blue badge abuser being protected by Roger Stone, Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain MBE among others, is not helping their own images nor their personal reputations one little bit! The reputation of labour, throughout Rotherham Borough, is being significantly damaged by these issues that remain un-addressed!

Nothing new there then!

This story, lifted from The Catholic Times and provided by Michael is largely self explanatory, I reproduce it below:

Ed Miliband, Labour Party Leader, is already struggling to stamp his authority on his party, he cannot be taken seriously, if Labour Rotherham remains in it’s current parlous state.

He starts to look very much like a Mr Bean character, tolerant of wrongdoing in local government in the very area he has his own Parliamentary Seat.

Ed Miliband must now get a grip on the Rotherham Labour Party and in particular, the Labour Group, if he will be wanting our votes, that is! Oh and sort out MacShane too!

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New life breathed into Scum Labour post

When the previous post of 31st August, Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age! I mistakenly thought the originator of the term ‘Scum Labour’ was our good friend ‘Trambuster’, but I was wrong. The originator was in fact Michael Elmer of the Christian Peoples Alliance, the British version of the Christian Democrats.

He was responding to the Gerald Smith affair and was outraged at his repetition of serious libels about the nature of Christian Democracy. Given the provocation, I am surprised he expressed himself in such measured terms in his letter published in the Advertiser.

The response he elicited from Denis MacShane, Chief exponent and role model of Rotherham’s Scum Labour, was revelatory, as was the defence of Labour in Rotherham from a non member! Worth the cover price alone, still some left on the news stands, get yours.

Ed Miliband was not included in ‘Scum Labour’, but he will be, if he does nothing about the fundamentally broken Labour politics, that we the long suffering citizens of Rotherham have to endure.

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Another one of Gerald Smith’s lies nailed!

Gerald Smith’s outrageous behaviour during the parish council election campaign of this May is being exposed for what it was, a total disgrace for a politician engaged in democratic politics!

Today we can nail the blatant lie and fabrication by Smith that Christian Democracy is “a far right European organisation. This can be verified by the parish clerk.

We have the definitive answer to that particular canard from Professor DL Hanley of the University of Wales, who states:

“I can state unequivocally that to describe Christian democracy as belonging to the far right reveals at best political ignorance and at worst the desire to mislead.
The Christian democrat movement and its European instance the EPP (European
People’s Party) are recognised by all political scientists as located firmly in the
tradition of centrist or moderate centre-right politics. Christian democracy has always
been firmly opposed to the far-right.” Read Letter from Prof Hanley in full.

So there we have it, Smith is either a liar or a fool, either way he is unfit for ‘public service’ and should consider his position and resign. The Aston parish clerk also should resign for either being a fool or something much worse!