Mahroof turns up!


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A postal contributor spotted Moofy, in Oldham! ‘Duck and dive’, indeed! Can anyone elaborate?

RMBC Payday lenders blocked by council


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Thanks to our spotter, we can bring this to wider attention: Our spotter also made the following points: I’m not sure how to ensure that all pay-day-lenders are blocked/re-directed, why not gambling sites as well, why not rothpol? Tricky even … Continue reading

Still problems at the Taxi Rank?


Today’s Star has this interesting little piece about the abuse of Taxi Ranks in Rotherham: Joint patrols planned for taxi ranks in town Enforcement operations are to be held at taxi ranks in Rotherham town centre to ensure they are … Continue reading

Will Keith Vaz and the Home Affairs Select Committee get the truth?

Today at Portcullis House in the Grimond Room at 15:30, Chairman Keith Vaz and the Home Affairs Select Committee are to re-question Joyce Thacker and Martin Kimber.

Their prior appearance was held to be less than satisfactory, especially after the evidence of Andrew Norfolk of the Times before Christmas.

In addition to these there are others who may well be able to shed further light on the woefully inadequate response to this most serious of issues.

Shaun Wright, now SYPCC is understood to be awaiting the call from Vaz’s secretary and Paul Lakin, the current cabinet member with responsibility, is believed also to be awaiting summons to appear.

There is one person however, that appears to have escaped Vaz’s attention thus far, someone whose very background would, one might have thought, have made him a uniquely valuable witness. I write of course, of Cllr Mahroof Hussain MBE, the cabinet member for community cohesion!

The session starts at 14:40 and the main event for us at 15:30, just click here to view the Parliament TV feed

Mahroof makes Tales from the Town Hall: Why Did This Councillor Get An MBE?