Wil Ewart – says thank you!


Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns. And … Continue reading

Yvonne Ridley’s reaction


There should, of course, be resignations, apologies and an investigation of those who have deliberately covered up this scandal for years. Rotherham is a rotten borough and Labour has attempted, in the past, to put a sticking plaster on the … Continue reading

Cerberus’s Response to Cllr Lakin

Cllr Paul Lakin your response leaves more questions than it answers; it also leaves me even more concerned for the safety of children in the Borough.
Following Operation Central here in Rotherham
I took the time to find out about grooming and what as parents we could do to protect our family, to my horror I found that RMBC had not produced any publically available material aimed at informing parents and carers on what to look out for, there are no links from the RMBC website, there are no links from the Safeguarding website to CEOP, CROP etc
How many parents would even think to monitor the level of credit on their sons or daughters pay-as-you-go mobile to see if there was always more credit on than you pay for and what that could mean.
A search of local libraries also failed to find any information from RMBC.
A Google search to see if any one of the 58 Labour Councillors had spoken out, not a word, I drew a blank; I spoke to local and national journalists who all seemed perplexed as to why RMBC had not taken a more robust and open approach.
I looked to see if any of the local faith based community leaders had spoken out or tried to convene a multi community task group, no, not a word.
Anything from Martin Kimber?
Not a peep.
I fully understand that some of the countermeasures being deployed against perpetrators cannot be shared in public, but parents do need to know what to look out for, I like the suggestion from Dave Smith and Gillian Radcliffe, what about it Cllr Lakin?
Individuals such as Casstrickland make impassioned comments only to be undermined by commentators who as far as I can tell have not made any contribution to the fight against grooming and exploitation.
On the issue of bullying, rank hypocrisy from you Cllr Lakin and the other commentators on this blog, where were you all when RMBC Social Workers were on the knees with unsafe caseloads and incidents of serious bullying from their managers?
Take a look at the 2009 report for details or scan one of the many social worker blogs.
For those individuals who suggest that there is bullying on this site try this for being bullied, when at 13 years old you are locked in a room dreading the door to open and to see a group of men about to abuse you.
Keep it up folks I am sure the perpetrators just love it when you try to stop people being informed and you try to play down the severity of the issue,.
I really don’t know how you all sleep at night.
Cllr Lakin two of your colleagues did try to enter the debate Cllr Jahangir Akhtar and Cllr Shabana Ahmed and were stopped; I know this from three highly reliable RMBC sources so please do not even try to deny it.
Why would you want to stop the public knowing about this growing menace?
If you live in Bolton the whole community is working together to root out this problem, its being done very publically and with the local media spearheading a campaign, here in Rotherham nothing in the public domain, are our children less important?
What are you and your colleagues trying to cover up Cllr Lakin?
RMBC has form on trying to cover serious issues up, take the latest serious case review which RMBC tried to conceal using a range of excuses including community cohesion, (see the safeguarding minutes December 2011).
Get off the politically correct fence Cllr Lakin and make a stand for children.
As late as last week professionals in RMBC and other key stakeholders had still not been fully briefed on the serious case review, I know I asked them.
I do recognise that you inherited a real mess from Cllr Shaun Wright, but you have had more than ample time to move beyond adequate.
You chose to stand for public office, and you take the financial rewards, I will not stop bringing your name into the debate and those of other RMBC Councillors who are fail our children.
Rest assured Cllr Lakin I have only just started.
On a final point I have spoken with Ofsted and asked that RMBC is subject to more unannounced inspections, they have the matter in hand.


The infantile loser?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well, ere’s a funny thing, don’t ya think?


Shaun Da Sheep, Rovrum’s Laybah PCC candidate, is proudly and vainly bleating about how he will ensure that the public get a response from Police within 24 hours if-and-when he gets the highly-paid PCC post he covets so much.

Hmm, all those weasel words would maybe convince me were it not for the infantile behaviour I witnessed from the public gallery in the RMBC Council Chamber when he held up a piece of paper with “Loser” writ large on it in front of Cllr Peter Thirlwall, who was giving his usual wonderful drubbing to the Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.

Of course, not one of Da Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz said they’d seen owt. No surprises there then!

Maybe they were in need of some professional clinical help from the flash chav Porsche optician mucker who lavished champers on them at the Mayor’s Junket?

But still, this oafish Rawmarsh and Parkgate clown and dullard will NOT get my vote.

It will go to anyone but him, however much Dodger’s new Ms Pravda Commissar tries to bullshite the public into thinking that Shaun Da Sheep will keep us all safer abed iffen he gets the PCC job.

You couldn’t make it up, but you sure can here in Rovrum


Inexorable logic of numbers?

Firstly an examination of the current political make up of Rotherham MBC:

Party Number Percentage
Conservative 4 6.4
Independent 1 1.6
Labour 58 92

Labour’s overwhelming preponderance on RMBC, ensures that their untrammelled use of power is rarely challenged and never properly scrutinised from within.

Rotherham Politics is here to change all that! It should therefore come as no surprise to anyone, even Adam Khan, that most of our focus is upon the members of the controlling Labour Group!

With 58/63, 92% of the Borough Council membership the Labour Party and it’s members and fellow travellers, control pretty well everything that moves!

We move on to consider the make up of Labour Group itself:

There is much diversity of view on many issues and some of it was on display today. However, they are united behind a common credo of self preservation! They largely control the party structures and are able to play fast and loose with Labour’s own rules, procedures and policies.

Labour’s rules make it quite clear how the local structures relate to one another and where Labour Group owe accountability. It should be the case, that the Local Government Committee maintains control over policy and hold Labour Councillors to account. Furthermore, the LGC should control and independently monitor, Labour Candidate selection processes.

How different it is in Rotherham!

Firstly there are no polices to speak of! Secondly the LGC is a poodle and thirdly, Labour Group controls candidate selection. The precise opposite of what should happen!

During the last three years, it is claimed by some, new and fresh faces have appeared on the Council who will be intolerant of the control freakery that pervades Labour Group. Is there any evidence to back up this assertion? Quite simply No!

Labour Group has another division, not immediately apparent to the casual observer, the division between insiders and outsiders, or those who support Roger Stone and those who don’t! Best estimates of the relative numbers in each group suggest a 40/18 split between  these two groups.

This is not good news to anyone who wants to change the party from within.

What is clear from this, is that Roger Stone has solid support in Labour Group and likely when it comes to a replacement, they will come from this controlling group. Smart money is said to be going on Paul Lakin even in these early stages of the Leadership battle to come.

What does this tell us of Jahangir Akhtar’s future? The inexorable logic of numbers tells us that Jahangir is not perhaps, Deputy Leader because of his own level of personal support, but at the pleasure of the Leader. Some commentators have already speculated that Jahangir will be relieved of the Deputy Leadership to be replaced by the ‘anointed one’, as early as next year?

Shaun Wright’s Supporters – Hidden Agenda?

In the first posting, using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful, we bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters:

From, www.shaunwrightforpoliceandcrimecommissioner.com/page4.htm

What kind of idiot registers a campaign website with 47 characters in it? Darren Hughes, that’s who! Amazing? The work of an incompetent, or a fool! Little wonder then his campaign was so poor in May’s local election.

Those hailing from Rotherham in bold

John Healey MP – Wentworth & Dearne Constituency
Cllr Steve Houghton CBE – Leader Barnsley Council
Cllr Roger Stone OBE – Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jim Andrews – Barnsley East CLP Secretary & Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley Central CLP Secretary
Mr Alan Goy – Rother Valley CLP Secretary
Cllr Maggie Clark – Rotherham CLP Secretary
Cllr Neil Hamilton -Wentworth & Dearne CLP Secretary
Mr John Mills – Don Valley CLP Secretary
Mr Jim Smith – Sheffield Central CLP Secretary
Mrs Elizabeth Gee – Headteacher
Mrs Tammy Hayward – Hospital Ward Sister
Miss Jade Mellows – Miss Sheffield & Businesswoman
Mrs Winnie Billups – Chair of Area Housing Panel
Mrs Kath Roden – Branch Secretary Royal British Legion
Mrs Ann Gallagher – GMB Branch Secretary
Mr Ken Curran Chairman of Unison Labour Link
Mr John Cafferty – UNISON Regional Secretary
Karen Reay – UNITE Regional Secretary
Mrs Carol Maleham – UNISON Branch Secretary
Cllr Kath Sims – Labour Group Secretary
Mr Reg Littleboy – District Labour Party Secretary
Cllr Lindsay Johnston – District Labour Party Chair
Cllr Patricia Knight – Don Valley CLP Chair
Cllr Alan Gosling – Labour Group Chair & Wentworth & Dearne CLP Chair
Mick Clapham – Retired MP for Barnsley West & Penistone
Jeff Ennis – Retired MP for Barnsley East & Mexborough
Mr Lee Parkinson – GMB Branch Chair
Mr Mick Stowe – UNISON Branch Chair
Cllr Alan Atkin – Vice Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Mr Tony Wright – UNISON NHS Branch Secretary
Mrs Rona Helliwell
Cllr Karen Dyson
Cllr May Noble
Cllr Margaret Sheard
Cllr Eva Hughes
Cllr Emma Wallis
Cllr Ann Russell
Cllr Judy Dalton
Cllr Lindsay Pitchley
Cllr Jane Hamilton – CLP Treasurer
Cllr Patricia Russell
Cllr Rose McNeeley
Cllr Jackie Falvey
Cllr Jane Havenhand
Cllr Tracey Cheetham
Cllr Maggie Godfrey
Cllr Denise Lelliot
Cllr Gordon Watson
Mrs Sheila Walker
Cllr Jennifer Whysall
Cllr Joe Hayward – BLP Secretary
Cllr Tim Shepherd
Cllr Robin Franklin – BLP Secretary
Cllr Alan Gardiner
Cllr Martin Dyson
Cllr John Parkinson
Mr Trevor Cave – BLP Secretary
Mr Mick Clegg – Shop Steward
Cllr Tom Sheard
Cllr Graham Kyte
Cllr David Leech
Cllr Bill Mordue
Cllr Barry Dodson
Cllr Terry Sharman
Cllr Shaukat Ali
Cllr John Foden
Cllr Paul Lakin
Cllr Brian Steel – UNISON Convenor
Cllr Dave Pickering
Mr Darren Hughes
Cllr John Swift
Cllr Geb Nightingale
Cllr Keith Goulty
Cllr Dominc Beck
Cllr David Roche
Cllr Glyn Whelbourn
Cllr Alex Sangster
Cllr Alan Atkin
Cllr Richard Russell
Cllr Chris Read
Cllr Peter Wootton
Cllr Alan Buckley
Cllr Andrew Roddison
Cllr Simon Tweed
Cllr Gerald Smith
Cllr Colin Barron

Even when Shaun Wright’s spurious duplicate is removed, this list is perhaps more revelatory than intended? A few random thoughts:

Fifty Two are from Rotherham (at least!) in a list of Eighty Seven, a staggering 59.7% in fact! This does rather lend credence to the information supplied to us, that a conspiracy to get rid of Shaun Wright from Rotherham MBC was afoot!

When the new Cabinet was announced, well before selection for PCC candidates had occurred, Shaun Wright’s name was not among them? Did Roger Stone think he was not up to it after his Children and Families debacle?

Not good enough to be a Rotherham Cabinet Member? Yet foisted on the long suffering people of South Yorkshire as PPC Labour Candidate by his ‘mates’ mounting a campaign not to support him, we are told, but to get rid of him!

Shaun Wright’s Campaign Manager, Mr Hughes and rumoured Rawmarsh Ward successor, is also on this list?

Darren Hughes, would seem to be a strange choice? Given that he was the only Labour Candidate in May’s Local Elections to loose his seat, after what turned out to have been a spectacularly ill-judged campaign in Anston & Woodsetts Ward!

That and the fact that he was trying the impossible, to get himself elected once again as though his duplicitous support for the Exclusive Brethren and swapping sides from Tory to Labour would not have been noticed. Turning up to meetings in his Porshe or Range Rover, does not make him a convincing Labour man at all!

I note that there is only one Member of Parliament listed as a supporter of Shaun Wright John Healey Wentworth & Dearne Constituency. Easily manipulated? It would certainly appear so.

Why was Denis MacShane not on this list, even though he had very publicly backed Shaun Wright? Too embarrassing even for this Labour apparatchik to claim his support? Not very popular in South Yorkshire, is our Denis!

Coining it in!

The list so far, of Rotherham Borough Councillors that are paid, at least twice, for the same period of time, is this form of abuse acceptable?

Cllr Shabana Ahmed: Works for Sheffield CC.

Cllr Dominic Beck: Works for Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber.

Cllr Maggi Clark: Linda McAvan a Y&H Labour MEP, employs her in the Wath Labour Office.

Cllr Emma Hodinott: A North Yorkshire County Council ‘Pilgrim’*, Seconded to UNISON full time.

Cllr Mahroof Hussain: Works for Leger Homes, an ‘arms length’ organisation, managing Doncaster’s public housing.

Cllr Neil License: Works for HMRC. PCS NEC member.

Cllr Chris Read: Works for York Labour Party, duties unclear.

Cllr Kath Sims: Works for Denis MacShane, who is currently suspended from PLP.

Cllr Brian Steele: Works for Barnsley MBC and is another ‘Pilgrim’* seconded to Unison.

Cllr Shaun Wright: Works for Barnsley MBC. Additionally he is paid for being a member of the South Yorkshire Police Authority, £6,948 for membership and an extra payment of £12,132 in recognition of his Vice-Chairmanship.

Should readers have other nominees for this list please let us know?

Note*: Pilgrim,

On Guido Fawkes’ Blog: Pilgrim Consultation Due to Start Imminently

and Whitehall Pilgrims Exposed