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In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today.

The Labour Party has always taken the people for granted, now they seem to have become fond of deploying the most outrageous and despicable untruths, in order to garner future electoral support for themselves, based on downright lies and deceptions!

Why does the Labour Party fail to deal with their completely out of control members?

The likely result? Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.

That Time Of Year?

Or, more information than you can shake a stick at!

Now the elections are but a distant memory, we can turn our thoughts to checking up on our Councillors. Rotherham Politics makes part of this process, at least simple.

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Name Interests Declaration pdf Gifts & Hospitality pdf
Cllr Ahmed  Cllr Ahmed
Cllr Akhtar  Cllr Akhtar
Cllr Ali  Cllr.Ali
Cllr Andrews  Cllr Andrews
Cllr Astbury  Cllr Astbury
Cllr Atkin  Cllr Atkin Cllr Atkin G & H
Cllr Barron  Cllr Barron
Cllr Beaumont  Cllr Beaumont
Cllr Beck  Cllr Beck Old Declaration

Cllr Beck New Declaration

Cllr Buckley  Cllr Buckley
Cllr Burton  Cllr Burton
Cllr Clark  Cllr Clark
Cllr Currie  Cllr Currie
Cllr Dalton  Cllr Dalton
Cllr Dodson  Cllr Dodson
Cllr Donaldson  Cllr Donaldson
Cllr Doyle  Cllr Doyle  Cllr Doyle G & H
Cllr Ellis  Cllr Ellis  Cllr Ellis G & H
Cllr Falvey  Cllr Falvey
Cllr Foden  Cllr Foden  Cllr Foden G & H
Cllr Gilding  Cllr Gilding
Cllr Godfrey  Cllr Godfrey
Cllr Gosling  Cllr Gosling
Cllr Goulty  Cllr Goulty
Cllr Hamilton J  Cllr Hamilton-J
Cllr Hamilton N  Cllr Hamilton-N
Cllr Havenhand  Cllr Havenhand
Cllr Hoddinott  Cllr Hoddinott
Cllr Hussain  Cllr Hussain Cllr Hussain G & H
Cllr Jepson  Cllr Jepson
Cllr Johnston  Cllr Johnston
Cllr Kaye  Cllr Kaye
Cllr Lakin  Cllr Lakin
Cllr Lelliott  Cllr Lelliott
Cllr License  Cllr License
Cllr Mannion  Cllr Mannion
Cllr McNeely  Cllr McNeely
Cllr Middleton  Cllr_Middleton
Cllr Pickering  Cllr_Pickering
Cllr Pitchley  Cllr Pitchley
Cllr Read  Cllr_Read
Cllr Robinson  Cllr_Robinson
Cllr Roche  Cllr_Roche
Cllr Roddison  Cllr_Roddison
Cllr Rushforth  Cllr_Rushforth
Cllr Russell A  Cllr_Russell A
Cllr Russell P  Cllr_Russell__P Cllr P Russell G&H
Cllr Russell R  Cllr_Russell__R  Cllr R Russell G&H
Cllr Sangster  Cllr_Sangster
Cllr Sharman  Cllr_Sharman
Cllr Sims  Cllr_Sims
Cllr Smith  Cllr_Smith  Cllr Smith G & H
Cllr Steele  Cllr_Steele
Cllr Stone  Cllr_Stone  Cllr Stone G & H
Cllr Swift  Cllr_Swift
Cllr Tweed  Cllr_Tweed
Cllr Wallis  Cllr_Wallis
Cllr Watson  Cllr_Watson
Cllr Whelbourn  Cllr_Whelbourn
Cllr Whysall  Cllr_Whysall
Cllr Wooton  Cllr_Wootton
Cllr Wright  Cllr_Wright
Cllr Wyatt  Cllr_Wyatt Cllr Wyatt G & H

Observations and omissions in the comments please, or mail Rothpol.

Coining it in!

The list so far, of Rotherham Borough Councillors that are paid, at least twice, for the same period of time, is this form of abuse acceptable?

Cllr Shabana Ahmed: Works for Sheffield CC.

Cllr Dominic Beck: Works for Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber.

Cllr Maggi Clark: Linda McAvan a Y&H Labour MEP, employs her in the Wath Labour Office.

Cllr Emma Hodinott: A North Yorkshire County Council ‘Pilgrim’*, Seconded to UNISON full time.

Cllr Mahroof Hussain: Works for Leger Homes, an ‘arms length’ organisation, managing Doncaster’s public housing.

Cllr Neil License: Works for HMRC. PCS NEC member.

Cllr Chris Read: Works for York Labour Party, duties unclear.

Cllr Kath Sims: Works for Denis MacShane, who is currently suspended from PLP.

Cllr Brian Steele: Works for Barnsley MBC and is another ‘Pilgrim’* seconded to Unison.

Cllr Shaun Wright: Works for Barnsley MBC. Additionally he is paid for being a member of the South Yorkshire Police Authority, £6,948 for membership and an extra payment of £12,132 in recognition of his Vice-Chairmanship.

Should readers have other nominees for this list please let us know?

Note*: Pilgrim,

On Guido Fawkes’ Blog: Pilgrim Consultation Due to Start Imminently

and Whitehall Pilgrims Exposed