A very good question – Can we have some of these too?

I wonder whether the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns will allow Rotherham citizens to become involved in THEIR National Health Service as the local primary care service undergoes significant change?

Or will it be a case like the grooming case where they say nowt, do nowt, cos Dodger sez it’s rayt, right, reight?

Rotherham – a town to grow old in – I don’t think so. Sheffield on the other hand is a beacon of meaningful involvement and genuine consultation. Yet another Laybah Postcode Lottery.

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On Thu, 9/8/12, info@sheffieldlink.org.uk <info@sheffieldlink.org.uk> wrote:
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Subject: Consultations regarding health, wellbeing and social
To: mailshot@vas.org.uk
Date: Thursday, 9 August, 2012, 9:13

Dear LINk member
Sheffield City Council will be holding a number of consultations regarding health, well being and social care over the summer months. I have attached a flyer listing the consultation topics, dates and contacts.
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Helen Collumbine
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A Twitter response from Ken Wyatt:

Cllr Ken Wyatt Cllr Ken Wyatt
@rothpolitics As you follow my feed you will see how I promote consultation on H&WB Strategy, Healthwatch & events. Doing my best!!

Corporate plan. Are we making a difference?

“18 months ago the Council launched its corporate plan. This plan sets out 29 key commitments based around five key priority areas in which the Council have pledged to make a difference.

We are now wanting to “seek your views” on whether you feel we are making a difference or not.”

Your opportunity to express your views, click here to participate. We would appreciate feedback from those who take part, please leave a comment or email Rothpol.

Consultation – Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham – Orwellian Doublespeak or Alice in Wonderland Approach!

Words in Orwell’s 1984, frequently meant the opposite of common usage and in Alice in wonderland, words would mean what the Queen said they meant at mere whim!

So it is amongst the three Councils that make up the Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Waste Partnership (BDR).

Consultation for them consists of an exhibition ‘road show’ very poorly advertised, held in unsuitable buildings that even locals had difficulty finding from the information supplied.

For example, once the Bolton on Dearne venue was entered through very a dilapidated and possibly dangerous building, the information that residents wanted was simply not available. No one remotely able to answer a question was present and those present proved themselves incapable, upon questioning, of answering the most basic of questions. They were however, assiduous in recording the fact of the presence of anyone attending to support their spurious clams of adequate and widespread public consultation.

Disappointingly none of the politicos were present either, they are our servants, not the other way round! They must speak up for our interests, not theirs, or pay the ultimate price of being dumped by their own electorates at future elections, they have now been put on notice by locals distinctly unimpressed by their attitudes to date.

The consultation response form is simply inadequate, without technical and scientific knowledge, it simply is impossible to make representations that may be listened to.

The sham way that local Councils engage in ‘consultation’ should be exposed as the ‘tick box’ exercise approach is simply unacceptable. We have the right to be informed fully of the facts, we are not! Nor are we listened to!

With a couple of notable and laudable exceptions local Dearne Councillors couldn’t give a fig for their constituents and have repeatedly indicated this to those who have asked them, often in a rather inarticulate and blunt fashion!

Dearne Valley Residents from Wombwell to Mexborough, Wath upon Dearne to Thurnscoe, Bolton to Barnburgh and Swinton to Darfield are being taken for fools by our elected representatives. They are conducting a sham consultation, leading them to rubber stamp a decision already made behind closed doors. A democratic outrage if ever there was one!

This ridiculous charade must change, local people of the Dearne, when asked, are totally opposed to these developments.

The Dearne has suffered too much pollution already!

We don’t want any more!

Tell them!