Could there ever be live weblinks for RMBC Council Meetings?

This post was provided for publication by Grald-Hunter, his first posting, welcome.

Could there ever be live weblinks for RMBC Council Meetings?

Good Morning Rotherham Friends,

Maybe, like me, you’re still wondering why there could still be such profound reluctance and unease on the part of Rotherham Labour Group who continue to dominate RMBC Elected Members to deny the proceedings of our Council Meetings to be accessible to us, the tax paying public, via weblinks.

Perhaps this little incident where an Australian citizen confronts a politician may just begin to give you a clue –

If we can’t both see, hear and read what’s going on down at Town Hall Towers, then do those Elected Members expect us to rely purely on their sincere assurances and the scant sanitised selective Minutes they make … over to you … you decide …

Let them always remember, THEY work for US …

Written by Grald-Hunter.