Time to step up…


To my fellow armchair warriors, angry and frustrated from the safety and comfort of our lounges and living rooms. I have a message to you all. A message that I myself have wrestled with for too long… What are we … Continue reading

Thirteen Rotherham children’s centres facing axe


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The Star of yesterday, reported on the future of thirteen of Rotherham’s children’s centres: Paul Martin adds his view on this alarming proposal: “I note with interest and alarm that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) have decreed that today is … Continue reading

Doncastergate – Demolition!


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There is mounting outrage at the decision to demolish the iconic building, formerly the Doncastergate Hospital! Rotherham citizens built this after an appeal for money and are rightly dismayed at the loss of more of Rotherham’s history to the ‘wrecking … Continue reading

In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today.

The Labour Party has always taken the people for granted, now they seem to have become fond of deploying the most outrageous and despicable untruths, in order to garner future electoral support for themselves, based on downright lies and deceptions!

Why does the Labour Party fail to deal with their completely out of control members?

The likely result? Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.

Voucher scheme criticised

Happy New Year Rotherham Politics readers

Well, it seems that RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns are having a bit of a struggle with their credibility and Laybah image concerning their laudable aim of helping those less-fortunates over the Christmas Season by providing scoff vouchers.

Witness these reactions from some reader’s letters in t’Tiser –

Disgust at council loans

Voucher disappointment

Looks like Dodger and his muckers have got a bit of a tarnished image problem. No change there then.

Kind Regards,

UK food banks used by record number – We are all in this together!

UK food banks used by record number, says Trussell Trust

Rotherham is not alone in having its own charity run Food Bank, as the impact of Tory cuts take hold more and more families are turning to food banks to receive three days supplies of food, not seven days, three, so for four days families and individuals go hungry, yes hunger in the homes in Rotherham.

Welcome to Tory and New Labour Britain!

You may recall reading about the  now Mayor, Cllr Pickering opening the Rotherham food bank while behind the scenes  he had in place arrangements for a Mayors £40 a head slap up meal at a top class hotel, not bad for a so called socialist leaning political party..

Against the backdrop of the report by the Trussell Trust what do you think Stone and the officers at RMBC are planning to do?

Most people would think, cancel next year’s Mayors banquet or make all the invited guests pay for their meal and add a donation to the Rotherham Food bank, no, don`t forget this is the Rotherham Labour Party in action.

Plans are in place to have another slap up meal for the new Mayor, cost projected to be in excess of £45 per head.

Rotherham children with empty stomachs while Labour Councillors gorge at the tax payer’s expense!

Peter Baker

Saving some cash?

In South Yorkshire the future of service delivery at the local Borough Council level seems to be one of endless cuts and retrenchment, as far as the eye can see. This will inevitably be coupled with a change in the style of delivery, from in-house, to at least arms length companies or as is increasingly the case, going to be delivered by private companies.

With three MBCs and a City Council comprising the South Yorkshire Area, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham MBCs and Sheffield CC, the costs of duplication become more burdensome as the cuts really start to bite!

The future sounds bleak indeed! Does it have to be this way?

The future need not be this way but bold, imaginative and selfless action, needs to be taken and quickly, if the bleak future is to be averted.

We put forward this alternative future to spark debate:

South Yorkshire Councils should merge to form a single authority, taking over all of the functions formerly the responsibility of the four predecessor Authorities. Additionally Local Education Authorities should also merge.

The resultant ‘Council’, call it what you will, so long as Yorkshire is in the name somewhere, could comprise a single Councillor per existing electoral ward in South Yorkshire. This would result in a considerable saving in itself. The Reduction in Senior Officer would also be considerable as would the eventual savings on the future property portfolio!

Sorry, missed this bit off: One Leader, One Deputy and One Cabinet of Ten!


Seems we were not supposed to notice these?

Now and again Rotherham Politics has their attention drawn to something interesting that requires explanation.

So it is with these two documents found in the RMBC Accounts:

Document one and document two. Both are Adobe pdfs.

Is this evidence of ‘secret dealing’ by RMBC?

Neighbours Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

At long last we have the figures for Rotherham Councillor’s Allowances & Expenses for 2011/12 only three months after our neighbours in Sheffield published theirs.

I’m afraid I don’t have a link but readers can find the full table on page 87 of today’s Rotherham Advertiser.  I will let you all make your own assumptions on the relevance of how far into the paper the notice is with no statement or coverage by the wider media.

So here we go in 2011/12 Rotherham Councillors claimed £1,112,003 a drop on last year of 1.2% from £1,125,555 wow how impressive in an age of massive austerity cuts (not).

As readers are aware we like to compare how Rotherham compares to Sheffield where the figures were £1,356,705 in 10/11 and £1,328,178 in 11/12 a drop of 2.1% oh dear Sheffield outperforms Rotherham………….again.

Now for some more numbers

Average claimed per councillor last year

Rotherham £17651
Sheffield    £15812

Question: Rotherham Councillors what is it about your role that means you need allowances that are 11.6% higher than your Sheffield equivalents?

This figure also means that by simply reducing allowances to the same as Sheffield Rotherham could have saved £115,857 last year and maybe saved a few of those jobs they cut, but hey I’m sure they can convince us why their own pockets being lined should be a priority.

When comparing Rotherham’s allowances to Sheffields you also need to account for the lighter workload Rotherham’s Councillors have compared to Sheffield. Sheffield has 84 Councillors for a population of 552,700 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 6580 citizens. In Rotherham it is 63 to 253,900 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 4030 citizens.

Question: Rotherham Councillors why do you claim 11.6% more than Sheffield Councillors when you each represent 38.8% fewer people?

Now the big one what does each of your councillors cost you?

In Sheffield last year it was £2.40 per citizen
In Rotherham……………….. £4.38

There you have it each councillor costs every citizen in Rotherham an extra £1.98 than our Sheffield neighbours have to fork out. a difference of 82.5%.

So if we cut our councillors allowances to the same as Sheffields and reduced their numbers to the same ratio of councillors to people as Sheffield (a cut from 63 to 39) we are looking at a total saving of £502,722 based on last years figures.

Personally I’d sooner see that spent on jobs and services rather than on what are at least compared to Sheffield under worked over paid Councillors.

Michael Sylvester

Rotherham Advertiser 27th July: Row over £9,000 Mayor’s Banquet

RMBC: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .pdf
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .doc
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2011-2012 .doc