No Honours rebels in Rotherham – No surprise there then!

Grald-Hunter was amused to read this online news article – – and not too surprised to discover that there’s no names of past Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns from Rovrum Town Hall Towers anywhere to be seen.

Nope not a one of Da Rovrum Laybah bruvvaz n sistaz, those stalwart socialist community gladiators who allegedly battle the entire system on behalf of us ordinary Joes n Joans, can be seen anywhere rejecting Honours from the Old Etonian capitalist system which they so apparently despise and wish so hard to change.

Instead we have the unedifying spectacle of our Borough’s champagne socialists jockeying for position to shamefully add some gong or other to their name, in the forlorn myopic hope that it represents a public accolade and recognition for their alleged efforts on our behalf.

Just imagine the excited childish discussions in the dark rooms where Da Grooip pass around various cards with the honours titles on and petulantly squabble among themselves for “OBE for Junketing n Waist Busting” or “MBE for 1st Class Rail Travel” or “CBE for Civic Buffoonery”.

Your town in their hands … OMG, that’s got to be worth a gong for “Services to Civic Comedy” 

Keep smiling,


Spotted in the Star by Don

Dear Rothpol,
I thought you and your active and empowered Rotherham Politics readers may be interested in this story lately gleaned from the Rotherham Star –

It seems that there’s no shortage of naturalists such as ourselves who know that Chinese White Elephants at Rother Valley Country Park are just part of a much larger herd of extinct life forms which eventually die out – i.e. Rotherham Town Centre, Dolly’s Books for Babbiz, Imperial Buildings, All Saints Buildings, and the list from Da Dodger and Da Muppets n Corn Fed Hogs just continues to grow and grow and grow – and all with our money and not their own.

Don Buxton

See also from Yorkshire Post: Campaigners fight Visions of China project for country park.