Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana speaks out while the silence of the lambs continues!

While the majority of Elected Members and Chief Executive remain silent on the issue of the grooming and sexual exploitation of children here in Rotherham at least two Councillors have had the courage and stand up and set out their stance, Cllr Akhtar and Cllr Ahmed, it is a start and a positive one, I would even suggest a brave one given the track record of the Rotherham Labour Group to take a hard line with anyone that steps out of line.

If Shabana can stand up and be counted why the continued silence from Councillors:  Hoddinott, Astbury, Dalton, Andrews, Donaldson, Ellis, Beaumont, Clark, Burton, Godfrey, Falvey, Hamilton, Johnston, Lelliott, Pitchley, Russell(x2), McNeely, Whysall, Havenhand, Sims and Rushforth?

To each of the above, its time you stood up for vulnerable children, it is time you stood up for your community and its time to stop ignoring the problem that will rob innocent individuals of their childhood.


Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana Ahmed adds her voice to Jahangir Akhtars

Last night Borough Councillor Shabana Ahmed broke cover to bring us this statement:

“I wasn’t intending to comment publicly this early in my political position but since my name has been mentioned along with the other women Cllrs I feel I need to make my position clear. 

As a mother myself I am horrified at some of the cases in the media and also the recent case of child exploitation in Rotherham.

As someone who has worked with children and families for the last 15 years I know only too well the devastating effects of sexual exploitation especially against  children.

 I am on the  Improving Lives Overview and Scrutiny Select Commission
and although I am a new member I will be making absolutely sure that we are doing everything possible to protect our children and that we are not only implementing all the recommendations of the serious case review as stated by senior officers and we look even deeper in to our processes and protocols to ensure we have systems in place that would flag up any potential risks and then ensure appropriate and robust action is taken to make the potential victims safe and at the same time prosecute the offenders. 

Also I will be wanting to satisfy myself that our assessment process via family common assessment framework is robust and we have the necessary systems in place for the early assessment processes  to flag up and identify any  need for early interventions of support for young people and families as a preventative measure thus ensuring the family have the right package of support available, with on going assessments taking into consideration differing needs at different times.”

Shabana Ahmed

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Denial + Silence = Culpability

It’s now over week ago since the publication of the serious case review into the death of Laura Wilson, the report made reference to the issue of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

It was noticeable that the leader, deputy leader and chief executive of RMBC failed to field any questions from the media, a clear and gross dereliction of their duty.

Their continued denial and condemnation of the issue here in Rotherham from whatever section of the community is totally unacceptable.

However, all is not lost, the deputy leader via his Twitter page this week draws attention to other cases of paedophilia outside of the borough, a pity he hasn’t been so vocal regarding other incidents here in Rotherham, I am not sure what he is actually trying to achieve. probably community cohesion.

We also have silence from each and every Elected Member, in particular why the silence from Councillors:  Hoddinott, Astbury, Ahmed, Dalton, Andrews, Donaldson, Ellis, Beaumont, Clark, Burton, Godfrey, Falvey, Hamilton, Johnston, Lelliott, Pitchley, Russel(x2), McNeely, Whysall, Havenhand, Sims and Rushforth?

From where I am sitting your denial plus silence equals culpability in providing the perpetrators with a green light to continue their evil ways.
A tragic day for our children and a tragic day for Rotherham when our civic and community leaders will not defend our town.