Everyone but Beck!

When Rotherham Politics published the story, Dominic Beck – files new Interests Declaration, we assumed there would be little interest in this beyond a mere handful.

How wrong we were, this post has been well read and commented upon, 373  400 424 and 44 respectively, at the latest count.

The biggest surprise to us was Ex-Borough Councillor Darren Hughes, who entered the fray with a number of attempts at self justification and a defence of his ex-employee, Dominic Beck who was the subject in question. Why?

It is interesting to note that we have had no contribution from Dominic Beck himself up to now. His silence speaks volumes!

All we would wish for would be a little explanation, especially as to whether and how he derives a personal benefit from the Council contracts he is involved with? For example.

Dominic Beck’s latest Declaration dated 4th July 2012.

Darren Hughes – The Return! featuring in a cameo role that star of THT, your very own Cllr Jahangir Akhtar!

The plot so far:

A committed Tory jumps ship to oust long serving Labour activist, having managed to hoodwink the great Leader our Z list star takes on the sham role of an Anston Councillor while all the time in talks with a secret sect.

To avoid detection of his continued Tory allegiances our star avoids any contact with the locals while all the time creaming in the gold coins.

All is not lost!

He underestimates the locals and Darren falls from grace, is this the end for our undercover Tory?

Fear not pantomime fans, waiting in the wings is no other than that man of whispers Cllr Akhtar, yes our so called man of the people, and yes the very same man who now refuses to respond to blogs!

“Darren a safe seat awaits Stone says that it is yours; he has told the Rawmarsh lot you’re the man!”

Keep glad handing those myopic Cllr chumps, go to their events, stick up as many posters as you want and all will be well.

And what do I want in return, your vote for Leader!

It sounds like a pantomime because it is, at the centre of this farce is Cllr Akhtar and his design to become Leader, interestingly when challenged over the decision to award Darren the Rawmarsh seat Jahangir fails to stand up for democracy and goes with the flow.

Don’t fall for it good people of Rawmarsh and Parkgate, select your own candidate.


Rocking Horse droppings at Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight!

Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight! Breathless report just in!

Darren Hughes turned up! Now there’s a surprise – he has never been at all in the last four years! Judy Dalton was invited – but “could not come”

Darren spoke with all authority – as if he was doing marvellous things. The audience were absolutely amazed at his audacity, knowing what he is like for never finishing anything or getting back to people.

Darren Hughes spoke on the following subjects:

LDF – The number is now down from 1K and some  to 501.
The new development will be parallel with Woodland Grove – our informant has never heard, of Woodland Grove – probably another lack of attention by Hughes.

Darren went on at length on the subject of the public consultation. Surprise, surprise! Another consultation in August!

Brethren School & Gospel Hall
Hughes has done extensive surveys in Laughton Common and everyone he has spoken to is FOR this. (depends how the question is framed!)
There was only 1 person against!  He said?

He has been in consultation with RMBC and said it did not go through because it was not written up strongly enough. Darren emphasised it is a Gospel Hall and If they word the reapplication to the effect that the Gospel Hall is not on Green Belt, it would go through.
RMBC know if it goes to appeal it will cost a lot of money.
Outrageously Darren Hughes & RMBC appear to be telling the Brethren how to word this application so it will be successful. He confirmed they will be putting in another application.

The fumes/pollution is causing concern from premises on the Monksbridge Trading Estate.
Darren Hughes set up a meeting with both the Paper Factory and Trade B, but never turned up – He has never been to any of the subsequent meetings either.
It is Clive Jepson along with Sandra Wallhead and others who attend.

Darren Hughes is making out that he does a great deal for the community – despite never getting back to them!

Funny that! Anyone might suspect that he wants the mugs from Anston & Woodsetts Ward to re-elect him?

Naked politicking or what? Nothing for four years, then he waltzes in on his white charger telling everyone how wonderful he is, Not!

Fly on the wall

From RikiLeaks ‘snail mail’ inbox – Question for Darren?

RikiLeaks ‘snail mail’ inbox contained today this interesting question and observation on Anston & Woodsetts Tory Labour candidate Darren Hughes:

Question: Why is Darren Hughes standing at Anston & Woodssetts and not at Brinsworth & Catcliffe where he belongs?

Answer: An all women shortlist!

Darren Hughes makes an ass of himself!

We have to give Darren one thing, his single minded determination to con the voters of Anston and Woodsetts Ward into re-electing ex-Tory boy, this time, as a Labour candidate!

Darren Hughes campaign materials up to now are consistent in containing mostly deliberate half-truths, inaccuracies and frank deceptions!

We at Rotherham Politics were very surprised to learn therefore, that Darren Hughes lodged a Police complaint about the nature of statements made in his Independent opponent, Clive Jepson’s, election address!

The complaint took issue with Clive’s assertion that Darren Hughes had been, I quote:

“Working to get a private religious school built on green belt land at Anston.”

We though the reports to be a joke when we first heard them, but they proved to be accurate.

Is Darren Hughes on the same planet to the rest of us? These are his own words on the subject in an email reproduced in this post:

“I’ve been working with the proposed applicant at all stages of their planning over the past year or so.”

The ‘fair comment defence’ is more than necessary to put paid to this ridiculous and spiteful complaint from this odious man! That or the ‘Arkell vs Pressdram’ defence! Scroll down a little way, we should warn you in advance that base language is present.

Darren Hughes confirms his duplicity over ‘Cult School’ for Anston!

From: C Jepson
Sent: Mon 28/11/2011 16:50
To: Hughes, Darren
Subject: Planning Application RB 2011/1568 Proposed School and Gospel
Hall Todwick Road/Common Road, North Anston

Dear Councillor Hughes,

As you were not present at the parish council meeting on the 21st
November when the above matter was discussed, perhaps you have now been
made aware that following a vote the council decided to object to the

A recorded vote was taken and your fellow Anston and Woodsetts Borough
Councillors voted in favour of the application with a third Borough
Councillor abstaining.

I would be grateful therefore if you could put on record your own views
on this issue.

Clive Jepson
Anston Parish Councillor

From: “Hughes, Darren” <Darren.Hughes@rotherham.gov.uk>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 16:30:33 -0000
Subject: RE: Planning Application RB 2011/1568 Proposed School and
Gospel Hall Todwick Road/Common Road, North Anston
To: C Jepson
Cc: “Dalton, Judy” <Judy.Dalton@rotherham.gov.uk>, “Burton, Josephine”

Dear Clive,

Thank you for your email.  I’ve been working with the proposed applicant
at all stages of their planning over the past year or so.  Having had
discussions with RMBC planners, highways agency and taking into
consideration offers made by the applicant with regards to road safety
issues and discussions about their reasons for requesting to build on
greenbelt land and their criteria for this, in addition to other
concerns raised and discussed such as neighbouring properties, I can
confirm that I have no objection to the application.

I trust this information is straightforward and useful.

Kind regards,

Councillor Darren J L Hughes
Chairman Self Regulation Select Commission
Anston & Woodsetts Ward
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

T: 01709 367263  M: 07957 648423  E: darren.hughes@rotherham.gov.uk

Rotherham Town Hall
The Croft
Moorgate Street
S60 2TH

See also: ‘Cult’ wants to build school on Anston’s greenbelt!

Darren the Defector an appreciation by Truth Seeker


Anston, both North & South is flooded with fly posters for Darren Hughes.  They are on lamp posts and telegraph posts.

The ones on the telegraph posts are nailed on both top and bottom with what I would describe as bolt nails.

I wonder if British Telecom know of this.  He should be prosecuted for vandalism.

This is the action of someone who does not care about his actions.

This is the action of someone who, to suit his own convenience, ditched his constituents who voted him in as a Conservative Councillor and defected to Labour.

This is the action of someone who did not have the courage to stand on his new platform and ask his constituents, by way of an election, if they were pleased to support him wearing his new hat.

This is the action of someone who is prepared to work with a religious sect to build on our precious Green Belt.

This is the action of someone who very very rarely gets back to the constituents he is supposed to represent.

Darren Hughes give 100% – A joke – if he means to his constituents

Darren Hughes gives 100% to partying




Truth Seeker

Vote Clive Jepson for Anston & Woodsetts Ward

Just in, Clive Jepson’s, quite wonderful election address:

To view full size, click on image. After reading, use you browsers back button to return.

More developments on the ‘battle for Anston & Woodsetts’ later.