February 2nd by-elections nominations


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Firstly we have the by-election occasioned by Andrew Roddison, and his eventual resignation. Andrew Roddison was the labour councillor until his disgrace. Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward: Dinnington Ward: Election Agents: Brinsworth & Catcliffe Dinnington .

The Labour Party Prefer A Tory


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THE LABOUR PARTY PREFER A TORY On the 12th of July this year I received my Labour Party membership card with a welcoming letter from the general secretary. I didn’t expect this given some of the local members. However I … Continue reading

Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?


Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate? They have their own Facebook site, Labour for Dinnington, the part where you can message them is blocked. So you comment on one of the photographs on the site, within a … Continue reading

Dinnington Town Council Under New Management


Last night Dinnington Town council held it’s co-option process because we were six councillors short, we already had six independents and three Labour. We now have twelve independent councillors, independent chairman and vice chairman; all fifteen councillors are now determined … Continue reading

Sir Nutkin had a dream


Sir Nutkin was sound asleep in his four poster bed in his luxurious holiday home. As he slept a strange dream came to him; he dreamt he had died and gone to heaven. At the gates stood St Peter, Sir … Continue reading