Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

2 January 2013 9:21AM

And the people of Britain continue to listen to the lies of this Goverment just look what they have done with their lies and spin;


· Restricted access to legal aid and so, the ability of the poorest to access justice.
· Restricted your right to go to an employment tribunal
· Restricted your right to ask a judge to look at government policies or the actions of your boss
· Reduced the support we give CABs to help you
· Removed the need for your boss – or his government – to show that they are fair to black people or disabled people, women or any other group.
· Offered to buy all of your employment rights – pension, pay, safety – everything, in exchange for a few shares.
· Forced hundreds of thousands of people to work for no pay – some for an unlimited period.
· Reduced your pension and raised the age you can retire at.
· Allowed some bosses to make you work as many hours as they like.
· Slashed support for disabled people because they are a drain on the economy
· Made it easier for your boss to sack you without a good reason.
· Suggested that we get rid of the Human Rights Act
· Limited the ability of single parents to access the Child Support Agency and force partners to pay for their children
· Scrapped the “Social Fund” that was the very last safety net between poverty and starvation
· Overseen a 100% rise in people queuing for emergency food at food banks.
· Closed half of the refuges for women fleeing domestic violence.
· Denied profoundly disabled children the right to an independent income
· Ensured that so many people lose their homes, even Boris Johnson referred to it as “social cleansing”
· Changed the law so that people relying on social housing can no longer enjoy the security of a home for life and can be evicted if they have more bedrooms than they need.
· Undermined the House of Lords so that effectively, it cannot amend any laws Cameron might wish to pass.
* Reduced or removed the need for government to consult anyone on changes they make.
· Restricted your right to appeal any wrong decisions
· Allowed some councils to force disabled people back into institutions on cost grounds
· Ignored and broken international law
· Alienated European leaders – our main export market – and isolated himself through extremism.
· Created new tax loopholes that will save big businesses tens of billions
· “Re-defined” poverty so that figures will not show a massive rise.
· Used propaganda and proven lies to vilify the poor, disabled and those seeking work.
· Removed the safety net if you become too unwell to do your job.
· Allowed banks to write off all the losses that got us in this mess against tax. Unlike America, who insisted they pay it back.
· Closed committees designed to keep check on his policies
· Reduced the number of civil servants (who’s job it is to design safe laws and policies) to lowest ever levels.
· Politicised the police force
· Proposed secret courts
· Attempted to restrict what you say and do on the internet
· Continually ignored expert advice
· Announced it will no longer be compulsory to register to vote (the poorest are the least likely to vote and most likely to vote “ABT” – Anything But Tory)
· Arrested peaceful protesters and influenced sentencing (supposedly independent)
· Associated intimately with many now facing trial for criminal activity in the media – Coulson, Brookes, James Murdoch etc

Remember, these are not cuts. These are changes to the law or announcements made by this UK coalition government in just over 2 years. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the futures of a generation.
They remove or weaken most of the rights and security we’ve won over the last 100 years.
They undermine your right to a secure home, right to a minimum wage, right to justice, right to vote, right to protest, right to a safe workplace and in a growing number of cases, right to life.
They define how long you can be forced to work for, how much pension you get, your right not to be discriminated against and your right to live free from fear or persecution.
How clever then of David Cameron to re-package these rights as “red tape” and “all this extra tickbox stuff” as “bureaucratic rubbish”

Well spotted by Aneurin Bevan in today’s guardian. Blogged by GWB1983.

The NHS unsafe in their hands!

Does anyone in Rotherham remember this airbrushed poster of David Cameron?

Cerberus Cameron

Probably 20kg lighter then, Cameron in the run up to the 2010 general election frequently pledged that under a Conservative government there would be no more-top down re-originations of the NHS and the NHS would be safe with the Tories, it was all part of an attempt to detoxify the Tory brand.

Well guess what?

Cameron weeks into the Coalition announced the most expensive top down re-orgnisations of the NHS.

Care UK a private sector healthcare company that provides Rotherham`s out of hours GP cover and runs the Walk-in-Centre on a for profit basis made a £21,000 donation to the personal office of the former health secretary Andrew Lansley, no conflict of interest there then.

Prior to the autumn statetement (2012) Andrew Dilnot chair of the UK Statistics Authority concluded that spending on the NHS is actually lower now than it was in 2010, so yet another broken pledge by Flashman and the nasty party.

No doubt the Tories and the Daily Heil will blame PFI deals for the financial carnage in the NHS, remind me who introduced the concept of PFI?

Oh yes, it was the Tory party.

The Rotherham NHS Trust is out to consultation on making over 700 staff redundant, they will have to make £40 million pounds in savings and the NHS watchdog Monitor has placed the Trust on red alert relating to its financial problems.

And what of the chair of the RMBC health scrutiny committee Cllr Ken Wyatt, a man with so many public sector income streams that he cannot find the time to get to grips with the financial crisis about to hit the NHS in Rotherham.

If this wasn’t bad enough we have food banks operating in Rotherham, in the final PMQs before Christmas when challenged by Miliband about the six fold increase in the number of people accessing food banks, Cameron with his very odd splayed fingers gesture and Flashman arrogance said it was evidence of the big society working, did you see the look on Clegg`s face, a picture?

RMBC are providing an interest free loan to a local credit union, hopefully this will prevent the poorest members of society falling foul of aggressive loan sharks, seen the TV adverts for the loan company Wonga?

Interest rates of 2,000% on short terms loans, Wonga has made donations to the Tory party, no wonder Flashman is keen to hit the poor.

Just goes to prove the nasty party is back in town

So as the New Year looms remember the words of Neil Kinnock

I warn you not to be ordinary

I warn you not to be young

I warn you not to fall ill

I warn you not to get old.

Stay healthy, because the Town’s NHS will be in tatters thanks to Cameron

Aneurin Bevan.

From Grald-Hunter to Rotherham’s Active and Empowered Citizens

Hi Di Hi Dear Active and Empowered Rotherham Citizens,

I nearly fell off my perch larfing when I read this piece of news – – cos it seems that Tory Toff Dave has been suckered by a gift from the buffoon across The Pond.

Apparently it’ll cost Eton Dave around a grand to keep his BBQ gift from the Obamas as parliamentary rules restrict ministers from keeping gifts worth more than £140.

JHC. if Posh Dave had been our RMBC Council Leedah he could have kept owt he’d got from his junketing n troughing forays provided he’d eventually put summat in t’Hospitality Register, even a £240 Cyclops Speed Detector as was once received by a certain elderly out-of-touch corpulent Laybah politician, rayt, right.

You couldn’t make it up. Or could you?


Miliband relaunch sunk at first PMQs of 2012!

When you go it to battle with the Prime Minister as Leader of the Opposition on a subject such as rail fare increases, it pays to have your facts straight!

Ed Miliband made much of the recent fare increases on the railways, believing that he had found a chink in Cameron’s defences he duly went on the attack! To his apparent surprise Cameron quoted evidence that it was Ed who was wrong! Ed Miliband got nowhere, simply repeating his assertion that the PM was incorrect!

Who was right? Cameron was the correct one and now it is time for Ed Miliband to apologise for misleading parliament!

I think that this letter from The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury sums up the position nicely!

Man of Steel! to albatross, in less than a week! Quite a political self immolation?

Guido Fawkes: Document Reveals Miliband Blundered on PMQs Fares Flap

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Oft misquoted phrase by George Santayana (1863-1952), the Spanish born philosopher, essayist poet and novelist.

David Cameron badly misjudged yesterdays historic vote in the House of Commons. The split in his party over Europe evident for all to see. When 81 normally pretty loyal MPs defy your Three line Whip you are in deep trouble. This goes some way to explain Cameron’s attempt today, to put a brave face on it, he’s all over the media like a rash as I write.

Yesterdays unedifying spectacle was occasioned by a petition signed by over 100,000 people calling for a proper referendum on the issue of Europe, the backbench business committee had decided that the issue should be debated on Thursday, but had it brought forward to last night, Monday 24th October. This was done for narrow party advantage. The fact that it backfired, big style, just shows the extent of Cameron’s miscalculation and the real trouble he is now in.

Remember this was a ‘peoples petition debate’. Most of us might assume that this would mean that any vote taken was not to be whipped and turned into a party political issue but of course you would be wrong! Three line whips all round! All the three main parties, yesterday, conspired against the people in the most disgraceful of manners! Don’t our opinions count for anything? Shame on the Liberal, Tory and Labour front benches and hearty congratulations to all the rebels who defied their party machines and voted against their party leaderships disgraceful and fundamentally undemocratic position!

Back to where this post began, has Cameron not learnt anything about his own parties past? Not, apparently, on this occasion, over the European question. A test of wills from the start, he has misjudged the mood both of his own backbenchers and the Tory Party members in the country and has also failed to understand the mood of the people. We have had our belly full of distant greedy politicians who do not listen to us, or fight our corner for a change.

The economy is in the doldrums to say the least. Unemployment is growing disproportionately in the North. We are close to an international banking crisis. The whole of Europe is in crisis economically. Business failures are again becoming commonplace. Inflation way above comfortable levels and not set to slacken for quite some time according to Mervyn King the Bank of England Head. The outlook looks bleak for most ordinary people. Oh, and we are told, ‘there is no alternative’!

The picture painted above should be awfully familiar to anyone who studies the Thatcher years from an objective perspective! Why is Cameron so determined to repeat the same mistakes of the past? One thing is for sure, Cameron is no Maggie!

Tories problem for 2012 – time to wield the knife as well?

One of the complaints, often levelled by critics of this blog, is that we rarely feature anyone else other than Labour on Rotherham Politics. The simple fact is, we are about holding those in power to account and that would be enough to explain our apparent bias but there is another reason why we have paid the opposition scant attention in the past. They are quite simply, so bad, that even their own members are embarrassed!

This year sees four Tories facing selection/reselection battles of their own:

Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Good candidate required for safe Tory seat? last one walked off and joined Labour, so much for ‘cuddly’ Tories, it would seem?
Boston Castle Ward:
Brinsworth and Catcliffe Ward:
Dinnington Ward:
Hellaby Ward: John Turner  – Con
Holderness Ward:
Hoober Ward:
Keppel Ward:
Maltby Ward:
Rawmarsh Ward:
Rother Vale Ward:
Rotherham East Ward:
Rotherham West Ward:
Silverwood Ward:
Sitwell Ward: Middleton, Christopher Norman Con
Swinton Ward:
Valley Ward:
Wales Ward: Thomas Anthony Fenoughty – Con
Wath Ward:
Wickersley Ward: Martyn Lawton Parker – Con Ward set to go back to Lab.
Wingfield Ward:

Even worse than Labour! At least Labour members do something for their money, instead of ‘taking the money and running’, as the Tories have done for many a year!

Quite simply, the Rotherham Tories are a disgrace, and are taking the mickey out of their electorates even worse than Labour!