Aston-cum-Aughton – Labours claims examined!

Holderness Labour’s outrageous leaflet, distributed over the weekend in the Parish of Aston-cum-Aughton, is littered with factual inaccuracies designed to mislead! View here.

The leaflet purports to reveal politically damaging facts about two of Aston-cum-Aughton Independent candidates in this year’s Parish Council elections, David Gee and Paul Martin.

David Gee, a Chartered Accountant, was first elected in 2007, along with Paul Martin. David has repeatedly volunteered to serve on the Finance Committee, as probably the best qualified member of the Parish Council to be available, but this offer has been persistently rebuffed.

I am concerned at the poor memory displayed by Labour Members if they cannot recall the questions put to them by David Gee throughout 2007 and 2008. David Gee is not a politician, but a well motivated elected public servant, wishing simply to serve his local community. No small wonder then, that after continually being rebuffed, often in the most hostile of manners, it might tend to deter questions and contributions from the floor of the meeting from anyone outside the Parish Labour Group!

There is another contributory factor at work here. Unusually, for a Parish Labour Group, it is not uncommon for them to meet prior to meetings (caucus), all important decisions are made there and the resulting decisions forced through the actual Parish Meeting using Labours current majority of Parish Councillors. A carbon copy of the way the Labour Group on RMBC behave in fact! Why do I not find that a surprise?

David, I can report, is an assiduous attender of meetings and a regular, active participant at the ‘Recreation and Open Spaces Committee’ and could not convincingly be described as a ‘Silent Man!’

It is precisely because, David Gee and others have been met with such obstructionism and exclusion, if not downright hostility from the Parish Council Labour members, they have offered themselves as candidates, in greater numbers than before, for election to the Parish Council this year.

They are doing this to provide a real choice of direction to voters. A chance of change from the leaden hand of Labour domination and rigid control, to a more open and inclusive vision for the future direction of Parish politics!

A much more desirable vision, don’t you think? No wonder Labour are so worried! There are now viable alternatives to vote for, instead of the Labour Donkeys, with the proverbial Red Rosettes stuck to them!

Turning to the accusations levelled at Paul Martin, the truth is much simpler and shows that facts were not checked before making their published statement!

Paul, it is true, is a Christian and a passionate democrat. Along with many others locally and nationally joined the fledgling political Party the Christian Peoples Alliance. Paul left when they became intolerant of diverging opinions and for a short period, around 6 months, joined another UK registered Political Party the Christian Democrats, not to be confused with any other political party operating anywhere else in the European Union! Therefore, for Labour to allege links to any European Political Party, right wing or otherwise, is a total fabrication!

Paul Martin is a founder member of Rotherham Independents. He joined because Rotherham Independents are Not, in any traditional sense a Political Party, but a group of fed up local folk, who see the broken political system at work and are prepared to stand up and be counted for a change, and are prepared to examine issues before making up their minds, simple as that!

Again, if Labour had bothered to check their facts prior to publication or distribution, they would have discovered that Aston-cum-Aughton Independents is a part of Rotherham Independents and therefore their assertion, that Paul has changed Parties once more, is totally false as well!

As for his place of residence, like many Parish Councillors throughout the Borough, even Labour ones, do not actually live in, but very close to, the Parish electoral boundaries. The rules allow for this, as electoral boundaries never adequately reflect the local situation on the ground.

Labour are very unwise to criticise Paul Martin for living close to, but not within, the Parish, boundaries, they have many such Parish Councillors, in their own ranks. People who live in glass houses, perhaps?

So there you have it! Labour have issued a pack of lies and deceit. I imagine the leaflet is potentially, both illegal and actionable. Oh dear!

Labour must be in a panic if they are tempted to stoop so low!

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