David Laws – police investigation launched!

Thomas Docherty

Labour MP, Thomas Docherty, has announced that his complaint concerning David Laws is now the subject of an active police investigation!

He has made the following statement;

“The Met have confirmed to me that they will be carrying out an investigation into Mr Laws in the light of the complaint that I made and the evidence they have received from the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner’s inquiry published last week.”

This has now suddenly got very serious for Laws and may be ultimately career ending, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Liberals in deep trouble are a bit like buses, two come along at once or is it a case of buy one get one free!

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Oh Dear! Sex and Money again in the Liberal Party!

MP refers David Laws to Met Police!

Labour MP, Thomas Docherty, it is reported has written to the Metropolitan Police asking them to investigate the expenses claims of the Liberal former Cabinet minister, David Laws.

Thomas Docherty said “If this matter was not referred to the police the public would rightly ask is there one law for David Laws, and another for them, If anyone else had fraudulently obtained £50,000 and their defence was that they had done it to protect their privacy, then they would rightfully have had the book thrown at them.”

Looks like Laws’s career is well nigh over after all, perhaps politics was not such a good idea after all.

Laws – Hit for six – Apology and suspension!

Chagrin - perhaps?

David Laws was required to apologise to the House of Commons for his behaviour, which he duly did today.

He still explains himself by claiming he was solely motivated by his desire to keep his sexuality private!

Is this man for real? He follows in a long tradition of prominent Liberals to have entered Parliament believing that they could deceive the public by keeping important matters such as their sexual orientation private. Jeremy Thorpe Ex Leader, or the current Deputy Leader of the Liberals, Simon Hughes would serve as typical of this tendency within the Liberal Party.

No early return to front line politics it would seem after this, for quite a while at least.

Read the report from the Standards and Privileges Committee, to the House of Commons, released today. Click Here.

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Published previously:

David Laws – more pain for Clegg!

David Laws, the real lesson?

Oh Dear! Sex and Money again in the Liberal Party!

David Laws – more pain for Clegg!

David Laws, who was forced to resign last May, after it was revealed that he had claimed in excess of £40,000 of taxpayers’ money in ‘rent’ which he paid to his then secret gay lover, James Lundie, with whom he was sharing a house.

David Laws claimed the money in second-home allowances, despite a ban on MPs making claims for renting from partners.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, John Lyon, will be issuing his report which is rumoured to be ‘damning,’ and leave his reputation somewhat tarnished. Leaving him sufficiently damaged, to prevent him returning to front bench duties any time soon!

Fraud to the tune of £40,000, cannot be excused by claiming that he was trying to keep his relationship a secret! He could have simply not claimed the money he was not entitled to in the first place, he is after all rich! Simples, as they say!

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David Laws, the real lesson?

Oh Dear! Sex and Money again in the Liberal Party!

David Laws, the real lesson?

The Daily Telegraph unmasking of David Laws less than honest basis for expenses claims, coupled with his outing as gay, serves as a lesson to any politician with skeletons in their cupboard. Personal details can no longer be expected to remain private for very long.

It also raises questions as to Cameron’s  judgement, because he must have been aware of David Laws sexual preferences that would have surely been included in the security file, unless of course the security services missed it too?

Closet homosexuality would once have rung alarm bells, not because they were gay, but because they were open to all kinds of blackmail or undue influence in trying to keep up a public façade that is far from reality.

Whatever Law’s own personal family circumstances, the fact that he was living a lie, is what  actually matters here. His lack of personal candour does not fit well with any concept of openness, honesty and integrity. How can we be expected to place our faith in someone who casually lies to his own parents and family?

The money matters, but it is of secondary importance to the central issue of trust and honesty that he failed so spectacularly in his private life, to live up to.

I am not a perfectionist, I do not have unreasonable expectations of politicians, nor do I really care about such issues as gender, sexual preference, colour, religion or school they went to or for that matter any of the false distinctions that culture or society try to impose upon us to make us compliant and know our place in the scheme of things but I am afraid, I think that David Laws duplicity should now result in his political career coming to an end.


Oh Dear! Sex and Money again in the Liberal Party!

David Laws has thoroughly disgraced himself and although clinging on currently, will be gone soon.

If he doesn’t stand down, Cameron will inevitably be forced to sack him by Monday.

Not the best start to the ‘New Politics’ when the old greed, sleaze and corruption is still working it’s way out of the woodwork.

Nice to see the traditional approach of concealment of sexuality, taken by Liberals of the past, still afflicts it to this day, Jeremy Thorpe anyone? or more recently Simon Hughes and Mark Oaten.

News just in, Laws resigns! More about this later.