Ed Miliband’s relaunch – Unconvincing!

I already know I’m a sad old so and so, but in the hope that Ed’s re-launch speech would propel him to new popularity and true engagement with the voters, I watched the whole event, questions and all! Needn’t have bothered, there was a distinct air of ‘back to the future’ here. Convincing he most certainly was not!

Unfortunately I didn’t even witness a competent appraisal of Labour’s record in government. Nor was there an explanation for running deficit budgets every year from 2001 onwards, which are now a major source of our current difficulties. He ‘was there’ during the relevant period, so he should know the answer, but won’t share it with us.

Miliband even had his very own wardrobe failure with his loose tie! Made what he said look amateurish. He looked and sounded like a distant academic, giving a lecture to a group of disinterested students, that or very young, more like a schoolboy perhaps?

He must have had more relaunches than Michael Foot by now? Read the text of Ed Miliband’s speech.

The reaction on the social networks is decidedly underwhelming, but two contributions stand out. The first from Peter Hain, cheerleader in chief, that took the view Ed Miliband appears to be capable of ‘walking on water’. The second, rather bizarre contribution, came from Ed Balls, who repeated the mantra first coined when Michael Foot was Labour Leader by Jim Mortimer! Ed’s the leader and he’s 100% behind him. Can’t get more strange than that.

Meanwhile, David Miliband the other Milibrother, was spotted in a swanky restaurant, The Delaunay WC2,  lunching! Specialties of the house, caviar and oysters!

How did Rotherham's three MP's Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election.

Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2
Healey, John 1 2
MacShane, Denis 1

Want to look for someone else? Full List Here. Harriet Harman did not Vote, nice move given that she is still Labour’s Deputy Leader.

Now the Constituency Section of the Leadership Electoral College:

Leadership Votes by Constituency
Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed
Rother Valley 11 16 34 69 38
Wentworth 10 32 28 118 69
Rotherham 9 18 21 85 45
Totals 30 66 83 272 152

Votes by CLP: Full List Here

Votes by Affiliated Members: Full List Here

This goes a long way to explain Denis doing a passable impression of the ‘Vicar of Bray’, through gritted teeth, within minutes of the result and John Healey’s seeming determination not to let himself appear in the same camera shot as David Miliband during R’Ed’s Leader’s speech yesterday, I’m sure he will now have neck ache, we might have the explanation?

No sign of Kevin Barron.

Local Labour Party members are reportedly not best pleased with Healey and Barron, the next round of meetings should be interesting! Surprisingly Denis has been adjudged to have voted correctly on this occasion, most unusual!

David 'Don't call me Dave' Miliband Quits!

David Miliband, the nearly man of Labour, beaten by R’Ed his younger brother, after a campaign for the leadership that has exposed him to have become an accomplished student and practitioner of Niccolò Machiavelli*, has announced that he will not be running for the Shadow Cabinet.


*Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527  Author of  ‘The Prince’, download ebook here. An exposition on statecraft and power politics as practised in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Studied, even today, by politicians everywhere!


Doubtless Doncaster North’s, R’Ed Miliband is also familiar with the work and theories of Lenin and Stalin if not Mao as well!

This collection of socialist demagogues refined Machiavellianism into a instrument of State centralised power and oppression, responsible ultimately for millions of lives lost.

Political principles of  ‘democratic? centralism’ as practised by the likes of Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, still exist and are being followed in UNITE.

Leninism and Stalinism still exists in the Trades Unions and the Labour Party of the 21st century!

The Labour Party was essentially built upon Leninist principles but most members grew up and realised their essentially undemocratic nature and have been steadily moving away from them, until now that is!

Things do not bode well for labour as behind the scenes as Labour Parliamentarians are gearing up to fight the battle for leadership succession again in the Shadow Cabinet elections. Plans are afoot to deliver R’Ed a Shadow Cabinet whose members did not vote for him and then to take the ruthless new Leader, captive and exercise control over him that way!

Nice plan but will it work?

David called for an end to tribalism and factionalism, fat chance of that when battle between the differing clans is now locked, in what may eventually become a civil war within the Party, we will see!

How Derek Simpson,* Charlie Whelan and the 'Brothers' fixed it for Ed!

It can now be revealed how the surprise victory of Ed Miliband was engineered.

Shortly after the General Election defeat of the Brown led, Labour Government, Left wing Trades Union leaders met in secret to hatch a plan to take Labour back from the hated ‘Blair New Labourites’. David Miliband, seen by them as Blair’s anointed successor, was by now not flavour of the month with this group and they were determined to stop him at any cost, if they could.

At the meeting were, GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny, Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis, CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes and Unite joint  General Secretaries Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson.

In what was described as a ‘carve up’ it was decided that one of the Eds, would do as the ‘stop David at any cost’ candidate.

These Union Barons, emboldened by the fact that the balance on the Labour benches in Parliament had shifted in the union’s favour because of the attention paid by them to the selection battles for the new intake of MPs. They had ensured that a high proportion of the new intake were sympathetic to their narrow left wing world view and Simpson did not tire of pointing this fact out, to all who would listen.

Make no mistake in the view of these union barons, their plan was to wrest control of the Labour Party from it’s members and to make it ‘bend the knee’ to the Trades Unions in a way not seen since the 1970’s.

Ed Balls, the former Schools Minister when sounded out, refused to be anything like as co-operative as Ed Miliband in allowing himself to be portrayed as the prisoner of the unions and would not allow himself to be compromised in this way.

Ed Miliband however was a different kettle of fish entirely, he had no qualms in shedding responsibility for the mistakes of the previous thirteen years, don’t forget he has only been in Parliament since the 2005 General Election, a mere five years, and by close of poll had repudiated most, if not all, of last Mays manifesto, incredible when you realise that he was the author!

Ed Miliband’s extraordinarily flexible approach to principle, won him the support of this secret cabal of union Barons and they prepared for their coup, bringing all their vast resources to bear upon this task. Manipulating Labours rules to the point where both the letter and the spirit were broken in a casual way and in one case voting differently to their consultative ballot result, the CWU led by Billy Hayes.

We now learn that ten percent of all ballot papers in the Trade Union Section of Labours electoral college did not count and were rejected for want of a tick in the box. This incredibly high rejection rate amongst the very small number voting in these ballots will have skewed this result, we are talking here about 36,500 rejected votes a not inconsiderable number compared to the current Labour Party membership of 170,000 or less. Equivalent to over a fifth of the memberships opinions rejected!

In the case of the GMB there is a row going on as to the ‘legality’ of their ballot because undue influence was brought to bear when they sent out their ballot papers in the now infamous envelope.

The 'infamous' rule breaking envelope

The comrades were reportedly in celebratory mood after their coup and were seen and heard celebrating around the bars and fringe meetings at Labour’s conference. Fortunately they have all gone very camera shy otherwise this could have been turned into an albatross around Eds neck if any of this was recorded for posterity.

In the evening Derek Simpson, the soon to be Ex-Joint General Secretary of Unite (He retires on 23 December 2010. Hooray!!!) in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel bar has been reported to have crowed about the result along with Charlie Whelan and it’s implications for the future of the left, in ways that would not  be entirely helpful to the new leader when trying to distance himself from them in public and on television. One of those present bragged how the Unite-sponsored Labour MPs were brought into line. The union spent the whole of the TUC week arm-twisting MPs (many of whom backed Ed Balls) to make sure they used their second preferences for Ed Miliband. Neither Derek Simpson nor Charlie Whelan are likely to be able to remember the whole evening, it has been reported. Fingers are no doubt crossed, in Labour ranks, that none of this will reach us online, we shall see?

Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marr Show, broadcast on the BBC on Sunday morning, was already furiously rowing back from promises made to the unions, declaring himself to be ‘his own man’. His ability to change view is almost chameleon like in it’s flexibility and speed of colour change.

Red Ed to cuddly voter friendly pale pink Ed who doesn’t frighten the voters, in a single night! Extraordinary!


Derek and Tony - United by dislike! Brotherly Love On Show?

*Derek Simpson – A member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until its disbanding in 1991, he joined the Labour Party in 1994. A ‘Democratic Centralist’ with ruthless determination for control, Stalinist some would say comfortable with the vocabulary of the left. Those less charitable, describe him as a control freak megalomaniac! One thing is for sure, Tony Woodley can’t stand him! Useful if you are trying to run a union as Joint General Secretaries, I would have thought? Reports indicate, that the feeling as far as Derek is concerned, is entirely mutual. No basis for running a whelk stall evidently!