Gerald Smith Response to Hilda Jack


“The so called article by Hilda Jack is mainly inaccurate. She identifies me as the Agent for the Parish Council Elections of 2011. Please contact the Elections office to verify there are no agents for Parish elections. I produced one … Continue reading

When there’s a democratic deficit?

From the Star’s website:

South Yorkshire clerk used council cash to buy porn

Published on Tuesday 12 June 2012 06:00

A TOWN clerk downloaded pornography and used a council credit card to pay for it, a court heard.

Roy Hunt, aged 70, of Alexandra Road, Swallownest, Rotherham, used a card belonging to Dronfield Town Council to pay for porn, petrol and electrical equipment and falsified the accounts.

The former clerk was found guilty of 11 charges, included purchasing two laptops and petrol with council money.

His crimes were discovered when he went on holiday and colleagues discovered a credit card statement. Read on……..

Thanks go to several readers who spotted this piece and wondered the same question as me?

Update on sentencing from The Star:

Sheffield clerk who bought porn walks free

Published on Thursday 14 June 2012 06:00

A TOWN clerk who used a council credit card to view a gay porn website has been handed a suspended jail sentence. Read on…..