Mystery deepens!


Rothpol can bring news of a mystery concerning the qualification for service on Aston cum Aughton parish council of a Labour member, Derek Corkell. Remember when the last round of parish and Town council elections took place, Gerald Smith the … Continue reading

Who are the Holderness Labour members behind the Aston-cum-Aughton Parish election scandal ?

Holderness Labour’s candidates, on whose behalf the notorious leaflet was distributed.

North Ward: Bartholomew, Bernadette Ann; Corkell, Derek; Knowles, David Alfred; Smith, Gerald; Wade, Patricia: Woodhouse, Michael Richard.

South Ward: Armitage, Alex; Jack, Hilda Landells; Jack, Kingsley Manuel Paxton; Pitchley, Lyndsay; Richardson, Jim.

West Ward: Robinson, Christopher Bernard; Windle, Carole.

Example of official Labour Parish election leaflet:

The ‘offending’ leaflet:Those with sharp eyes, will have noted that the official Labour Leaflet states, ‘Published by G.Smith 4 Brook Close Aston Sheffield S26 2GB Printed by J S Blencowe’. The same address, minus the name G Smith, appears on the ‘offensive’ leaflet which is both misleading and untrue in most respects!

Whose address is this? I can reveal it is the residential address of one of Rotherham’s most disagreeable politicians, Borough Councillor and at least until tomorrow, Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Councillor – Gerald Smith !