Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014 – Candidate Statement Colin Salt


Dear Sir, I would like to clear up an inaccurate statement regarding the Labour Party. I have never been a member of the Labour Party. Furthermore, I have received no invitation from the Labour Party or any other political party … Continue reading

Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014 – Candidate Statement Dave Smith


I think I should make it clear why I am standing in the Dinnington election, to be held on December 18. Our Labour controlled council does not represent the views of the majority of the people in Dinnington; they put … Continue reading

Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014 – Have Labour got a ‘ringer’?


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Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election Thursday 18 December 2014 Notice of Election (PDF) Size: 7.99 KB Statement of Persons Nominated (PDF) Size: 7.34 KB Rothpol has learned campaigning is well underway in this by-election. There are those that report … Continue reading

The people of Dinnington should start asking questions


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Here are the minutes from a meeting of Cabinet Member for Children and Young Peoples services in July 2008. Councillor S Wright (in the chair) Councillors Falvey Havenhand and Tweed. Third item down on front page is about an annual … Continue reading

Observations on Dinnington Town Council


Having decided to see how my neighboring Town Council in Dinnington is dealing with the CSE scandal I went to tonight’s public meeting. As I expected my friend Citizen Dave Smith asked the following question: Should sitting councillors who attended … Continue reading

Last refuge – totalitarianism!


It would seem that totalitarianism has now become the order of the day for the Labour Party, and chairmen lying to the public; even at the Bland Comedy Club that is Dinnington Town Council. At the June meeting of the … Continue reading

Comedy Club – Dinnington Branch


I and Mr Lewis, that finest of hecklers, attended Dinnington Town Council meeting on Monday 9th December. By this time I had become disillusioned by the councils cavalier use of the 1972 local government act to disbar the public from … Continue reading

Dinnington Town Council – Rebels

An interesting snippet has arrived concerning an act of rebellion by Dinnington Town Council, at it’s meeting on Monday, 11th February.

The whole council spoke with one voice and rejected the complete Core Strategy of RMBC!

It takes a lot to get any council united in opposition in this way as the normal practice throughout Rotherham, is for this kind of RMBC proposal to be accepted, on the nod.

What has got them so upset?

It could have something to do with the anger in the town at having services stripped from them, being used as a dumping ground and of course the Greenbelt!

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