Dinnington Town Council – Rebels

An interesting snippet has arrived concerning an act of rebellion by Dinnington Town Council, at it’s meeting on Monday, 11th February.

The whole council spoke with one voice and rejected the complete Core Strategy of RMBC!

It takes a lot to get any council united in opposition in this way as the normal practice throughout Rotherham, is for this kind of RMBC proposal to be accepted, on the nod.

What has got them so upset?

It could have something to do with the anger in the town at having services stripped from them, being used as a dumping ground and of course the Greenbelt!

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Comedy Club Reporter – Bland Comedy Club of Dinnington

I, and that finest of hecklers, Mr Lewis attended the Bland Comedy Club of Dinnington last night. The final performance before the summer break, and what a performance the blandness knew no bounds.

Unless of course you can take joy from that seasoned comedian Warbling Wardle whose mantra has become, “nothing to do with us that is R.M.B.C business”.  This is used to fend off any unwanted question that might require an answer or decision.

I, in my capacity as comedy reporter, felt the need to ask a question of the assembled comedians:

Do the comedians feel it is right for the Dinnington club to have a comedian who is a member of the Woodsetts club, the Dinnington club and also the biggest comedy club of all Rotherham Borough?  Or do they feel as I do that this is an affront to democracy?

This question briefly animated the warbler, he shook his head at me several times whilst trying to find a way to use his well worn mantra.  Having failed in his efforts he then blurted out that afore mentioned comedian was a Borough comedian for all of our area.  This brought to mind that well known saying, no shit sherlock.

My rejoinder that this was not the question I had in fact asked brought more shaking of the head.  When I pointed out that if a person has a foot in two camps when it comes to decision making then that person would have a dichotomy.  This brought a short interlude whilst they tied to find the meaning of the word, having failed the chair decided to throw into the fray the said comedian; this being I have a turnip named after me Tweed (prepare for the slings and arrows of Toxophilus).  He began by listing the things he is involved in, in Dinnington which thus, according to him, proves his loyalty to Dinnington.

The question what about your loyalty to Woodsetts? fell on deaf ears.  The chair said it was the system that allowed this to happen.  When I pointed out that they chose the candidates and so were culpable, she said it was obvious they were never going to be able answer my question to my satisfaction.  Mr Lewis, that finest of hecklers, stepped in and shouted “you could at least try”.

Ah well on to the real important and interesting stuff, dog faeces,  no you have not misread I said dog faeces.  There followed a heated debate on this sticky subject, it even allowed the warbler to trot out his mantra;  this is nothing to do with us it is R.M.B.C.  It is if tha stands in it heckled Mr lewis, and I am sure you will all know that the outcome was, make no decision.

I was somewhat surprised when one of the comedians, whilst sat beside two Borough comedians, one of witch was an ugly sister; asked if some one from the borough could come and explain the Local Development Framework.  Doesn’t really show much faith in ones fellow comedians does it?

Once again the Bernard Manning of the bland comedy club, Mr Tweed, stepped up to the microphone.  We and our fellow borough comedians from the Anston comedy club along with Kevin Barron M.P. are going to have a meeting with a couple of the top R.M.B.C comedians to put our case.  This brought forth a flush to the cheeks of the warbler, he did not want us mixing with the Anston comedians.  He felt that they may taint our comedians because they supported de brethren building on our green belt land.  He was so agitated by this thought that he proposed that Dinnington should re-iterate its opposition to the plan, this was seconded but of course no vote was taken because this would have meant a decision being made.

Just before Mr Lewis and myself left, there was a thunder clap and a bright light appeared, a momentous happening had taken place, a decision had been made; yes I said a DECISION.

The Dinnington comedians would send a letter of protest to the borough comedians about them taking 30 minutes off the time our library is open.  It was pointed out that ours is the second highest used library in the borough, and our comedians were some what put out that an under used library at Aston should be given longer opening hours, it is amazing what we Smiths can achieve, although I hasten to add, no relation.

Dave Smith

Comedy Club News – Dinnington Town Council

On Monday the 12th March my trusty companion Mr Lewis, the finest heckler in the country, and myself attended the Dinnington Bland comedy club.  To say it was a none starter is to understate, even Mr Lewis could find nothing to raise a heckle at.

One sits there staring at fifteen blank faces with not once ounce of character amongst them.  The highlight was when borough councillor Simon Tweed was congratulated on having a turnip named after him, I have bought some for my allotment; hoping they grow as rotund as him one will feed a family of four.

It would seem the order of the day is to stay safe and not be controversial in any way.  The Aston comedy club has nothing to fear from these none performers.

We spent twenty minutes fighting to stay awake whilst they discussed having discussions in order to be able to discuss having a meeting to discuss the discussions.

It would appear that making a decision is to be frowned on, even making a decision about when to discuss making a decision has to be put off for further discussion.  Procrastination is the buzz word at this establishment.

If you have trouble sleeping then the Bland comedy club is for you.  As for Mr Lewis and myself we made our excuses and left, whilst they were having discussion about whether to discuss closing the club.

Can not wait for next Monday and some real comedy, even though as a foreigner I will not be allowed to speak.

Comedy Correspondent
Dave Smith

Cast List in full:

Chairman: Councillor Pauline Davies (Lab)
Vice Chair: Councillor Brian Cottam (Lab)
Councillor David Barker (Lab)
Councillor Graham Mitchell (Lab)
Councillor Jacquie Falvey (Lab)
Councillor Jane Havenhand (Lab)
Councillor Matthew Jepson (Lab)
Councillor Paula Russell (Lab)
Councillor Hazel Wardle (Lab)
Councillor Philip Wardle (Lab)
Councillor Roy Mugglestone (Lab)
Councillor Simon Tweed (Lab)
Councillor Steve Scott (Ind)
Councillor Tim Chapman (Lab)
Councillor Ralph McIver (Lab)

Save our Greenbelt Public Meeting Last night!

This photograph, by Simon Collett, supplied by Vic to whom we are grateful, thanks, was taken at the end of last nights most successful Public Meeting. The meeting took place in the Middleton Hall (DART) on Barleycroft Lane, Dinnington. Click on image to enlarge.

As you can see for yourself the meeting was very well attended, 140 people turned up on a rather cold and wet Friday night. Can I spot Simon Tweed and Darren Hughes in the audience? Perhaps they might like to give us their impressions of the meeting?

Full detailed report as soon as I have one for readers.

Click on the images below to access the campaign websites, they are both excellent and have lots of very important information. Read them and if you are worried about the councils continual lack of candour, join them and make your voice heard!

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