Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks An Explanation


Just listened to Eastern Air from last night and thought readers might appreciate this piece (reprised) as an antidote to the complete rubbish that Akhtar was spouting. I would simply pose the question, are these acceptable actions from a Labour … Continue reading

How to make friends and influence people?


Rotherham Politics has documented previously, the rather nasty side of Jahangir Akhtar, AKA Agent Garbo, and his representative on Earth, GraldHunter AKA Donald H Buxton. Their victims have included Roger Stone, Shaun Wright, Sarah Champion, Chris Read, Gerald Smith, Mahroof … Continue reading

Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks Explained


Saw the article headline in RothBradpol about an interview with Rik and was interested to know what he had to say to Akhar’s organ. So had a look and was amazed to see that despite the title he has no … Continue reading

Seems Rotherham Politics has upset someone?


Our old friends at Rothbradpolitics are working themselves into a bit of a lather, perhaps we are making some progress in exposing the rotten underbelly at Rotherham Council. Adding two and two and coming up with five, hints at desperation! … Continue reading

The ultimate back-handed compliment?


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Once the hullabaloo of last years Rotherham By-Election had died down Rothpol became aware of a new blog, dedicated to attacking Rotherham Politics! The Rotherham end was organised by Jahangir Akhtar with the assistance of Vakas Hussain amongst others, joined … Continue reading

Tangled Web Indeed!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott, from his poem Marmion.

Almost as soon as Yvonne Ridley’s candidacy for the Respect Party in the Rotherham by-election was announced, she found herself under attack on twitter, from a huge number of recently created accounts! Later, some of these same trolls turned their attention on Rotherham Politics by attempting to leave comments that were less than complimentary or sometimes grossly defamatory. This attack did not stop with the by-election, but continues to this day and at the current count of these rejected attempts, stands at 138.

We all made the assumption back in November, that this was a Labour Party ‘dirty tricks’ campaign. Deniable, but nevertheless a party operation, all the same.

Recent experience has revealed a different explanation. We were wrong, it was not a Labour operation, but a much smaller group entirely dedicated to defending the reputations of just a few, senior members of RMBC.

This web ‘dirty tricks’ operation was inspired by Cllr ‘Moofy’ Hussain and Jahangir ‘ASBO’ Akhtar and a small cohort of supporters, nephews and others. They have been joined recently, by no less a person, than Don Buxton.

The attention seems to have moved from twitter to WordPress blogging. The first iteration of which, lasted less than a week before being taken down. It was hilarious! Especially when someone took the figure of speech ‘fall on their sword’ literally, and actually accused Yvonne Ridley of wanting to ‘impale’ someone on a real sword! As I said it was hilarious, it’s basic motivations were nevertheless clearly apparent for all to see.

The second iteration, is at the same web address as was used for the first, namely http://www.rothbradpolitics.wordpress.com, apparently now being run by a Johnathan (sic) Simmons? It appears to be a more modest operation thus far, with only 9 followers and even using multiple identities, few commenters. It is not the intention of Rotherham Politics to engage in some kind of dialogue with this website as it is built on deception and lies and therefore cannot be relied upon.

Confirmation of the involvement of one of Moofy’s nephews, came this morning with a comment that purported to be from an ordinary person, but came from a source previously only ever used, by Vakas Hussain, Moofys nephew! Additionally someone calling themselves A Patel, has just left a comment, the source again relates one that has previously only been used for trolling purposes. I have approved these comments on Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation? for your enlightenment.

“It has only just struck me this afternoon that Akhtar is losing the plot now. Not with ‘Rosie’ but with RothBradPol itself. 
I’d thought it strange that there was no mention anywhere else about the meeting of the Crime Panel today, apart from the one on RothBradPol.  On looking again, and clicking Tweet, whose name should it be from but @Jahangir Akhtar !
If you go to Tweet any of the other posts on RBP  the name who the tweet is from is ‘RothBradpol1’
That was the first account they made and something went wrong with it I think , hence Johnathan Simmons. They will soon be running out of names to choose that do not have a direct link to themselves !”
Maltbyblogger by Email

Through gritted teeth?

Dear Mr Battersby,

Thank you for your latest update and the information contained therein.

I am delighted that RMBC Elected Members and Officers have listened to my concerns about the illegal intrusive banner signs on the MyPlace building and rejected that part of the planning application RB2012/1399.

RMBC are to be applauded for making road and pedestrian safety their priority in this instance and not caving in to the narrow financial interests of commercial advertising which could potentially have distracted car drivers on the busy roundabout and thus posed a danger to pedestrians crossing the road in front of MyPlace building.

I am also grateful to the Mr Robert Foulds, a highly-experinced local surveyor, who provided me with the attached link to the RMBC Planning department documents, which provide comprehensive details about the entire planning application RB2012/1399 –


This could well be a milestone of successful partnership working between active and empowered citizens and a local authority and as such I feel that it represents an opportunity for more successful partnership working between us in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

— On Wed, 31/10/12, Battersby, Karl <Karl.Battersby@rotherham.gov.uk> wrote
Subject: my place signage
Cc: “Kemp, Liz” <Liz.Kemp@rotherham.gov.uk>
Date: Wednesday, 31 October, 2012, 10:22

Mr Buxton, further to my previous email I thought it would be helpful to confirm the current position.

We wrote to the Manager of My place requesting the removal of the banner signs, as we felt unable to support this element of the application for advertisement consent. A site visit yesterday confirmed that they had been removed.

Karl Battersby
Strategic Director
Environment and Development Services
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council