Results for the Doncaster Town Ward By-Election held on Thursday 14 June 2018


Results for the Town Ward By-Election held on Thursday 14 June 2018. Voting figures for Thursday, 14 June 2018 Name of Candidate Party Number of Votes* BUCKLEY Julie Green Party  294 GREENHALGH Carol The Conservative Party Candidate 260 MCDONALD Tosh Labour … Continue reading

Wragged Edge


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Spotted in Private Eye for us: Fresh illumination of failure by the Investigators to see important evidence our confidential source has provided: “Jane Senior could not continue to participate in the Gowlings investigation as when she offered to share evidence … Continue reading

James Mitchinson: Freedom to seek out the truth in peril


THE Yorkshire Post has a centuries-old track record of high quality investigative journalism, with successive editors pledging allegiance to the oath originally set down as the Post’s founding statement: “[This newspaper] while supporting every practical improvement … will be at … Continue reading

Rotherham pattern of abuse now breaks surface in Doncaster


Rotherham pattern of abuse now breaks surface in Doncaster “Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police are now working together introducing a taxi licensing scheme – 800 taxi drivers are being required to attend CSE awareness raising and training. All takeaways … Continue reading

Saving some cash?

In South Yorkshire the future of service delivery at the local Borough Council level seems to be one of endless cuts and retrenchment, as far as the eye can see. This will inevitably be coupled with a change in the style of delivery, from in-house, to at least arms length companies or as is increasingly the case, going to be delivered by private companies.

With three MBCs and a City Council comprising the South Yorkshire Area, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham MBCs and Sheffield CC, the costs of duplication become more burdensome as the cuts really start to bite!

The future sounds bleak indeed! Does it have to be this way?

The future need not be this way but bold, imaginative and selfless action, needs to be taken and quickly, if the bleak future is to be averted.

We put forward this alternative future to spark debate:

South Yorkshire Councils should merge to form a single authority, taking over all of the functions formerly the responsibility of the four predecessor Authorities. Additionally Local Education Authorities should also merge.

The resultant ‘Council’, call it what you will, so long as Yorkshire is in the name somewhere, could comprise a single Councillor per existing electoral ward in South Yorkshire. This would result in a considerable saving in itself. The Reduction in Senior Officer would also be considerable as would the eventual savings on the future property portfolio!

Sorry, missed this bit off: One Leader, One Deputy and One Cabinet of Ten!


Fireman Sam’s New Car

A simple question, in times of severe  pressure on Fire Service budgets do you try to maintain the number of operational fire appliances or do you buy £36,000 Audi A6 executive cars for the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue senior command team?

A no brainer you would think, not if you are Cllr Alan Atkin and Cllr Alan Buckley both members of the SYFRS Authority.

Both of our RMBC Councillors will give the go ahead to purchase the executive cars ensuring the egos of the Chief Fire Officer, his Deputy and other senior officers are maintained while at the same time approving the closure of fire stations and making front line fire fighters redundant.

Let’s hope the cars come with a full BA team and fitted with a Simon Snorkel!

Aneurin Bevan

More Labour Embarrassment!

For a few days now Patrick Cawkwell has been sharing his obnoxious opinions concerning the Palestine conflict and his fulsome support for the terrorist organisation, Hamas. Together with his contemptible views on the Northern Ireland situation, where he seems to think, that the conflict is not yet over!

These views were shared with us using his Community Champion wordpress identity! which also includes this cosy picture of this Labour Party member with his Mum and Caroline flint who, no doubt, will be mortified to be associated with his extremist views.

Patrick states that he is “Community Champion/Streetpride Champion for Doncaster and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Councils respectively.”


It is easy to see how negative impressions might develop as a result of these intemperate postings?

Embarrassment then, for Labour in Doncaster, for Caroline Flint, Ed Miliband and Rosie Winterton, all local Labour Doncaster MPs.

Rotherham Labour does not escape embarrassment either from these outbursts because of the associated confusion with the use of the title, Streetpride Champion for Rotherham!

Patrick Cawkwell’s obnoxious views must be repudiated as publicly as they were published on Rotherham Politics and until Patrick stops living in fantasy land, his views will not be welcome on Rotherham Politics, as we also find his words deeply offensive!