Going, Going Gone?

Its Gaviscon time at Town Hall Towers, stomach churning Rotherham politics at its very best, it’s the only game in town when it comes to the planning application by Rotherham United Estates Ltd  to demolish parts of the grade 2 Guest and Chrimes building.

Guess what’s going to hit the fan on this one?

English Heritage has stepped into the fray and what a lot of trouble that is causing.

It’s laughable to listen to Elected Members spouting planning and architectural terms they do not understand and even more funny to see them trying to distance themselves from the Leader and the decision.

Seasoned Officers are making sure their backs are well protected on this one.

A firewall of silence has been put in place to stop any prying eyes, FOI requests blocked etc.

The cunning plan is to give a green light to the application and come up with an argument that withstands external scrutiny, and stops any adverse public comments.

Even the once independent Rotherham Advertiser is spinning the line via the Charlie Graves pages that the site has little value.

The web pages of Rotherham Business News have comments from sources supporting the demolition.

Sad to say the application will be passed and there goes another part of the Boroughs heritage.

The light at the end of the tunnel, could this be the issue that brings down the current RMBC Cabinet?

Peter Baker