Silence from Darren Hughes – His constituents deserve an answer!

Last week Rothpol brought you, Darren Hughes & the Exclusive Brethren – ‘Useful Idiot’ or something more?

Rothpol sent an Email to Darren asking him this simple question:

“The readers of Rotherham Politics are bewildered at your support for the Exclusive Brethren School proposal.
Perhaps you would like to let us all know what on Earth you were doing supporting these proposals?”

A simple enough question for a politician to answer, you might have thought?

Darren’s answer? Silence as yet! Your constituents are waiting!

Brethren School – Why did local citizens object?

Rotherham Politics brings you this objection letter from local resident, Hilary Estrada-Haigh:

                             For the Exclusive Brethren.
If this application is passed it will give the Green Light for development on all Green Belt.
This area, has, over the years, lost a great deal of its open space – The Green Belt should be protected for both the area and the environment.
Increased Traffic: 
The wear & tear on our roads will increase significantly
Large vehicles would be coming from a wide area, travelling through Anston & surrounding villages putting pressure on small country roads and surrounding communities. These are already heavily trafficked.
500 Worshippers, travelling in their own large vehicles to the site on  a Sunday – How many times?
Worshippers travelling in their own large vehicles to services and meetings throughout the week.
Weddings & funerals to be catered for –
Service vehicles both large and lesser sized will have a serious impact on the approach roads and on Common Lane.
Large people carriers ferrying the children to and from the school – note the end of day time –
This is when the roads in the immediate area are at one of their most busiest.


If granted, the surrounding roads would have to be upgraded. Would RMBC consider it correct to put this burden on the hard pressed ratepayers?
Not for the benefit of the local area’s children
This school is for the sole use of the children of the Brethren.
No local children will be offered education.
No integration with other schools will be sought
The Brethren wish to move their children from an industrial site??
The Brethren are moving their children to the vicinity of an industrial site – one that is being investigated for noxious emissions –
The reasoning is cynical – not sound.
NB: Local schools have involved their children in the planting of trees, shrubs, wild flowers etc., in order to teach them to protect and care for their environment,
The proposed Brethren school – Destroys a large open green space – It is destructive to the environment
There will be  NO benefits to Anston, neither social nor economic.  Nor to the surrounding communities.
This will not bring work for local people – The Exclusive Brethren do everything “In House”
Partial development on the site is being sought.
Local concern is for what the remainder of the site is being held-back. 
NB:   (Whilst planners may say they are dealing with the application before them, they have been in close negotiations with the Brethren over a protracted period and will undoubtedly have knowledge of what is being held in abeyance for the future.) 
A corner of the site has been offered to RMBC to “help” facilitate a roundabout at the cross-roads junction.
Does RMBC, if granted, have plans to impose this cost on the hard pressed ratepayers of our area.
 This development takes away Green Belt land –
                              Is solely for the benefit of the Exclusive Brethren –
                              Offers no benefit whatsoever to Anston & area.
For the above reasons I urge that this proposal be declined.
Hilary Estrada-Haigh

Hilary also makes these important points:

So Darren Hughes has been working behind the scenes with these people and planners, regardless of cost, both monetary and environmental, to the area he is supposed to represent.

This is the man who defected to Labour regardless of the parishioners over 1500 of whom, voted in a Conservative.

What other machinations are going on behind the scenes – How many more betrayals?

Wonderful news for Anston’s green belt!

It can be reported that the plans to build a school off Todwick Road with Common Road, Anston have been withdrawn!!!!!!


The advice from officers was for rejection. The decidedly unwelcome application was being fought by the the local community.  The  planning application, made on behalf of a religious ‘cult’ has now been withdrawn ahead of the planning meeting scheduled for next Thursday. Hooray once again!!!! The rejection advice should be interesting, bring it to you when we have it.

Is it too much to hope that the Brethren have forsaken Rotherham for good? Wherever they turn their attention to next, perhaps they will do it without destroying more of God’s wonderful World and certainly not on Rotherham’s precious green belt!

This must be a disappointment to Darren Hughes, as he was assiduous in their cause assisting them everywhere he could! Darren Hughes is a RMBC Councillor for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward and was prepared to destroy important green belt land for a bunch of rather undesirable religious ‘cultists’, they are not called the Exclusive Brethren for nothing!

Darren’s constituents should remember this, when it comes to casting their votes this May.

‘Cult’ wants to build school on Anston’s greenbelt!

A Christian group, with some pretty unchristian practises, has applied to RMBC for planning permission to build a place of worship and a school on greenbelt land at Anston. This application has received the backing of Labour or so it would appear, but for the locals, this application is distinctly unwelcome.

Firstly, this application, if successful, will be sited on greenbelt land at Anston!

This aspect alone will galvanise the community to oppose the scheme and the rumblings of increased community activity and organisation are plain for all to see. To find out more and to make your voice heard, see the Save our Greenbelt Dinnington & Anston Action Group website. Every inch of greenbelt use must be opposed, lest they just pick each piece off, one at a time! Going for the weakest first! The divide and rule tactic has been tried and didn’t work, leaving slices of the greenbelt apparently undefended will rebound on those that allow this to happen! Anston residents do this at their peril!

Clive Jepson has learned that all three Anston & Woodsetts councillors are in favour and in Darren ‘the defector’ Hughes case, has been working with them on planning issues for the last year!

Quite outrageous! Does he not understand the feelings of Anston residents? Well he wouldn’t would he? Darren lives in Catcliffe! Has he not consistently said, he opposed using greenbelt land. What a hypocrite!!!! But then, he has been a turncoat in the past!

Secondly, The nature of the applicants!

Ultimately, whoever they call themselves on a planning application, the applicants and those who will be running the school are variously called the Exclusive Brethren, the Brethren as on the original planning application or sometimes the Raven/Taylor Brethren.

It is alarming that this group should now appear to be hiding behind nominees, to confuse the casual observer at least, as to who is behind this project. Indeed, this lack of candour is a worrying development and goes to their basic honesty! It they fail on the basic honesty question, can anything they say, possibly be trusted?

Christian friends have told me, that even for a bunch of Christians they are distinctly left-field! Mostly active in the UK and Australia they have been accused of ‘cult’ practises, unfortunately, not without good reason!

The term ‘Exclusive’ refers to the fact that this group demands separation from the rest of society, even refusing to live in semi-detached properties unless the other is also occupied by a fellow adherent.

This school will only accept the children of members, so it is unlikely that any local children will be welcomed to their ‘exclusive’ school.

Their approach to education has been followed by trenchant denunciation where ever they have operated schools. Not the least for their treatment of science which tends to ignore all scientific developments since 1848! The access of students to books of all kinds is severely limited and those that are allowed them, heavily censored.

This group are apparently given to controlling their own members in similar ways that cults operate and is aimed at ensuring total domination of the individual to the group.

The Exclusive Brethren are not an open and welcoming bunch of Christians at all. Quite the reverse in fact! I find it incredible that this proposal should gather support from any Labour politician and very worrying that they appear to have been actively helping this project along, in contradiction to their public utterances on the greenbelt! But that’s Darren Hughes for you!

Where is Kevin Barron, the MP for Rother Valley constituency on this proposal? He surely cannot be in favour too! We shall see?