The Silence of the Lambs continues, UNISON, Unite all in it together!

Looking at an any number of blogs, Twitter accounts or even Facebook pages you will readily see the growing Trade Union strength of feeling towards the EDL march in Rotherham.

You will read that Unison, Unite and other Labour leaning organisations are mobilising to take a stand against the right wing thugs of the EDL.

This new found zeal for community based action is far removed from their efforts to protect children in Rotherham, following Operation Central did the Trade Union convene a mass meeting in the Unity Centre, no, and they remained silent.

Compounding the perception that the Trade Unions do not care is that one of their own senior officers, Cllr Emma Hoddinott a UNISON official, made it her priority to block any comment from Labour Councillors about grooming and abuse.

What has been conspicuous by its absence is any comment or response from the Trade Unions on what they are going to contribute to the fight against the sexual abuse of children here in Rotherham.

Certain Trade Unions are even donating their member’s subs to the PCC campaign of Cllr Shaun Wright, an individual who completely failed the most vulnerable in our society.

To end it looks as if the Trade Union does have differening standards of concern and will act dependent on where you fit in the social and civic hierarchy.

Children being groomed and abused in Rotherham, nothing.

EDL march, mass meeting, PR machine in overdrive and Union opposition.
Call your selves Trade Unionist, don`t make me laugh, hang your heads in shame Brothers and Sisters.

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.



Racists & Anti-brigade not welcome here!

Rotherham is to play host to some rather nasty people, who wish to use our Town as a backdrop in their own struggle for publicity.

Firstly we had the EDL, now we have another bunch of nutters, the anti-brigade, determined to use our Town for their own purposes!

Very few, if any, of the EDL contingent, will actually live in Rotherham. Only a small number of the anti-brigade, will come from Rotherham.

As far as Rothpol is concerned, neither group is welcome to come to Rotherham, when they have the express purpose of causing trouble!

Neither group, have any intention of improving the situation for those of us, for whom, Rotherham is our home!

We should reject both with equal force! Neither is welcome! Rotherham citizens should not fall into the trap of unwittingly providing footage for broadcast or pictures for newspapers.

We can reject both, by staying well clear!

Does this ring a bell?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

In the context of the recent wicked child sex exploitation and grooming scandal which continues to engulf our dear town I came across this jpeg which more than sums up my thoughts with regards to the actions, inactions, and current situation regarding those Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns locked deep within the bunker at THT-Lubyanka …

From an active and empowered citizen,

Rotherham Sex Scandal – Day 14 – Advertiser must tell us the truth!

Andrew Norfolk and the Times, finally brought to everyone’s attention, an issue Rotherham Politics had been raising for many months, with limited success beyond our readership.

The Rotherham Advertiser has caught up somewhat for lost time in the last two editions but has still to get at some of the central issues involved, put the questions to those responsible, insist they give answers and then make them public, so that us plebs, can judge for ourselves. That is, after all, one of the prime functions of a free press in this country!

I raised more than an eyebrow when, after reading the reporting this week, I started on the letters and came across the following words from an anonymous correspondent:

“I’m getting the impression from your coverage (last week) that a meeting between the Advertiser and the police and Rotherham Council took place to discuss how best to deal with reporting this crime. The effect this has had on your reports is obvious. I urge you to balance it out.”

Unless I missed it, the Advertiser have neither reported on this to readers, nor did they deny the implication in the letter that a meeting had taken place, in an editorial aside, for example, after the letter!

Has the ‘Tiser been sworn to secrecy by SY Police and RMBC and this was the only way they felt they had to let us know? We should be told!

Remember SY Police and RMBC, we have been told in the Times and Advertiser, are the selfsame organisations that have kept these harrowing facts from us for sixteen years! Why should we be surprised therefore, that they would still be trying to minimise the embarrassment to themselves, now!

This is just the time for the Advertiser to stand up for us, get at the full truth and publish it! Not for them to be co-opted into being ‘careful’ in their reporting. That approach is censorship, pure and simple!

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – still hiding the truth?

Dear Cllr Wright,

I note with some concern, but no surprise, that you have now failed to either acknowledge or respond to my previous e-mails to you of Friday, 21 September, 2012, 11:14 hrs and Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 15:44 hrs, and which I am now forwarding to you for third time.

Your public failure to reasonably acknowledge or respond to me speaks more eloquently to me of the contempt with which you view those active and empowered citizens who exercise their democratic right to scrutinise, challenge and enquire of those who are elected to serve the public.

In fact your lack of response so far makes for a far more interesting story than any facts or figures you may have wished to give to me in response to my democratic request.

I will continue to scrutinise, challenge and enquire of you both now, and in the future should you be elected to the position of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – Two

This time from a private source. It is revelatory and goes some way to explain why Labour have got themselves into the mess with their hopeless candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright:

“We gave Shaun Wright the Mayoralty, to remove him from the Cabinet, after he failed in his Cabinet role as Member for Children and Families.

Then we pushed Shaun for the Police and Crime Commissioner post, to get him off RMBC and now he repays us by refusing to stand down!”

So there we have it, Shaun Wright has upset all of Labour Group after their little ruse to finally get rid of him looks to be failing, now Labour’s rank and file are getting increasingly angry and cannot understand how such an unsuitable liability, was ever selected in the first place!

It is certainly getting interesting for Shaun Wright and I am left wondering why Labour haven’t sorted this out already?

See also: The Shaun Wright (Labour Candidate for SY PCC) Files

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – One

Thanks to another RikiLeaks correspondent we bring this inconvenient fact to your attention:

“During 2012, Labour Cllr Shaun Wright stood for the Chair of the SY Police Authority.

However, even his fellow SY Police Authority members (which by the way the majority members were from the Labour Party) did not have the confidence in him and he lost the ballot/vote.

He then reverted back to his position as vice chair. I wonder what this says about his abilities and credentials?”

Seems his own side, have a realistic view on Shaun Wright’s woeful lack of ability, when it comes to leadership! They know him best, we should take careful note of this.

Shaun Wright – From RikiLeaks Inbox

Over recent weeks RikiLeaks inbox has been busy. We bring you just a couple of today’s contributions. We are looking into the contents of several emails that will make for some good posts in the future, a huge thanks to all who have taken the trouble to contact us. Rik.

Source A said:

“Between 08.10.12 – 19.10.12 official nominations for Police and Crime Commissioner can be submitted.

Cllr Shaun Wright requires 100 Labour people to nominate him.

Now that most people are aware of his actions and on-going investigation into non declaration of funds anyone supporting his nomination are endorsing his actions which I’m sure they will be questioned by the public and press on why after being aware of his circumstances they still went ahead with the endorsements.

He is a liability to his party.”

Source B said:

“Shaun Wright turned up at last nights meeting with his usual fixed grin and vacant expression!

He has upset his comrades in Labour Group so much because of his greed! Too much even for them!

His crime? He recently announced at a Constituency meeting that should he be successful in November in the PCC elections, he would not be standing down as Borough Councillor for Rawmarsh!

There were obvious signs, of barely suppressed, anger towards Shaun Wright!

Wonder how many will be signing anything in support of him now? Not many of those present last night that’s for sure!”

How to win friends and influence people, not!”

Shaun Wright – Gillian Radcliffe exposes bias shown by SY Police Authority? They must already know the election result!

“It’s totally wrong for a candidate to be involved in selecting staff for the elected PCC, regardless of whether or not Shaun Wright wins.

It’s a governance issue and, dare I mention again, an integrity issue. I’ve previously called for him to resign from the PA and he has ignored me. This, and other things we may yet be unaware of, is the result.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I was standing when the PA announced the candidates Question Time event. I found out about it from Twitter.

In Shaun Wright’s case, he had been consulted over the date and arrangements. They had “forgotten” to mention it to me, despite the fact I was at the time the only other (declared) candidate and had made myself known to the senior officials. Also, there was a general offer of a briefing by the former Chief Executive.

I responded with dates the following week that I was in the area and could be available. Nobody responded to my email until those dates had passed. My email had been overlooked.!

Accidentally or not, the Police Authority risk creating an impression of bias towards one candidate and/or party.

Those standing against him need to be on their guard against further behaviour of this kind and the new Chief Executive needs to get a grip, regardless of who she thinks her boss will be in late November!”

From a comment left by Gillian Radcliffe

Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

Shaun Wrights campaign to become South Yorkshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner has suffered another huge blow!

Rothpol has learned of an investigation, by the Electoral Commission, into undeclared substantial donations to his campaign!

Yesterdays revelation that Shaun Wright had abused his position and participated in the selection of the Interim Chief Executive were bad enough, but today’s reveal him to be arrogantly contemptuous of the rules. Or perhaps his crass stupidity is revealed at last!

Surely time for Shaun Wright to stand down!