Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks An Explanation


Just listened to Eastern Air from last night and thought readers might appreciate this piece (reprised) as an antidote to the complete rubbish that Akhtar was spouting. I would simply pose the question, are these acceptable actions from a Labour … Continue reading

Akhtar & Co – Dirty Tricks Explained


Saw the article headline in RothBradpol about an interview with Rik and was interested to know what he had to say to Akhar’s organ. So had a look and was amazed to see that despite the title he has no … Continue reading

Seems Rotherham Politics has upset someone?


Our old friends at Rothbradpolitics are working themselves into a bit of a lather, perhaps we are making some progress in exposing the rotten underbelly at Rotherham Council. Adding two and two and coming up with five, hints at desperation! … Continue reading

The ultimate back-handed compliment?


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Once the hullabaloo of last years Rotherham By-Election had died down Rothpol became aware of a new blog, dedicated to attacking Rotherham Politics! The Rotherham end was organised by Jahangir Akhtar with the assistance of Vakas Hussain amongst others, joined … Continue reading

Emma Hoddinott – Taken To Task!

Dear Rotherham Politics Reader,

Well well well, if I’d know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have given Ms Laybah Candidate the time of day, or me vote


What a sodding cheek when aspirant, but unsuccessful candidate for Parliament and now newly-elected Wickersley Ward RMBC Councillor, Ms Emma Hoddinott has to bus-in Cllr James Alexander, Leader of City of York Council to go “on the knocker” as they so politically call it in the smoke-filled chambers at Tweetun Wheeltappers & Ferret Handlers’ Club and Institute (CIU Affiliated).

I wish they’d knocked unannounced at my door cos I know quite a few English and foreign words which equate to “go though forth into the desert and multiply” and which I could have shared with them to show my disdain, disrespect and total dislike for this style of Blairite New Laybah codology.

But word on the block is that there will soon be an updated form of communication control from within the coterie of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, and that any comms with the media, including Twitter-Twatter and Facebook will have to be referred to the Stasi Chief of Corporate Communicayshuns … and iffen she giz it the OK then it’s on, if not it’s off.

I bet that some of the RMBC Old Contemptibles who were writing letters to the press when she were still a lass licking lollies in t’nursery will have a few choice words of their own to say on this matter of desperate, insecure corporate political mind control.

Candidate for a Parliamentry Constituency? Yes please, anywhere. Let’s get shot and gerrid of ASAP and be gone from our little Borough where we’ve invested our lives, our money, our property, our livelihoods and where our children get their education – and where we’ve got a large stake in the outcome.

Yours Sincerely,


On the stump! Campaign Round-Up

Some reflections and snippets on this years local election campaigns and candidates:

“Best of luck to Emma Hoddinott in her quest to become our new young Labour Councillor for Wickersley and Bramley. She has my vote assured.
It will be great if the electors support her and we get a new young face with new thinking, fresh ideas, along with some high principles and scruples into Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip to challenge the waist-busting junketing and greedy accepting of gifts and hospitality that has created the odious political patronage machine of Da Dodger and his scummy gang of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.” Grald-Hunter.

“Promoted by Iain StJohn on behalf of Darren Hughes both of 27 Blue Mans Way, Rotherham. S60 5UR. Printed by Hughes & Hughes Developments Ltd, Orchard Centre, West Bar Green, Sheffield, S1 2DA.”

“Hello, I would like to repeat my earlier post to you. I am so glad you received my leaflet OK and thanks for sharing. Please hold me to my pledges to the community I love (if I am re-elected).” Ken Wyatt.

“No leaflets from the Tories this year? completely rubbish candidates too!” Rothpol.

Jahangir Akhtar@Jahangirakhtar

“The Rotherham West labour team were out this pm getting the postal vote out. Great support 4 Kath on the doorstep”

“In our own area Cllr Darren Hughes (Anston and Woodsetts, who was once a Conservative and is now standing under the Labour banner), has distributed letters around our village without his full address.

While Cllr Hughes states he lives in Rotherham he forgets to put Catcliffe on his literature.” Stuart Thornton.

Chris Read@christophe_read 

“When campaigning in this weather, politicos think, “This shows my commitment”. What’s it look like to everyone else? Well. Yes.”

The war of words continues: Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

Have something similar? Please leave it as a comment please.

Mahroof Hussain gets it seriously wrong

This one by email, couldn’t resist sharing it with you, I could have entitled this post as, How to win friends and influence people – Not!:

Grald-Hunter  yesterday came across another embarrassing piece of ill-informed comment from our man-of-the-people, Section 106 £247,500 supporter against RDGH, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru and Cabinet Member, Cllr Mahroof Hussain.

This ever self-promoting publicity-hungry junior politician and aspirant MP is rightfully extolling the virtues of having a regimental band of one of the British Army’s elite Foot Guards to come and visit us here in our wonderful town. I’ve no problem with that at all.

But, and here’s the rub, he can’t even bother himself to get the title correct for how to address these soldiers in his grinning pic –  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=9376151&l=9a954caab4&id=102032056189

Twitter: Mahroof Hussain
Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre http://t.co/McEYgz51

He erroneously titles the pic thus: “Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre”.

Well, fabulously received I’m convinced they rightfully were, but please Cllr Hussain please let me add to your obviously deficient knowledge of those brave and loyal soldiers whom you chose to stand alongside.

They weren’t the “Royal Scots Guard”, they were, and are, in fact The Scots Guards, and as such they are one of five regiments of Foot Guards, which are (1) Grenadier Guards, (2) Coldstream Guards, (3) Scots Guards, (4) Irish Guards, (5) Welsh Guards.

Here’s a link to some further historical research for you to improve your knowledge of these magnificent British soldiers and our historical British military institutions – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guards_Division

Oh, and for the record the Guardsman alongside you is wearing “a bearskin”, and that’s the proper title, before you give another title like “a busby” or “a shako”.

Iffen ya doubt the veracity of the advice I’ve freely offered you as a “critical friend” then please feel free to consult with any of your RMBC Elected Member muckers who’ve ever stood a post and served the Colours, I’m sure there’ll be one of them brave and eager enough to have a discrete whistle in your shell.

Kind Regards,

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