Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

2 January 2013 9:21AM

And the people of Britain continue to listen to the lies of this Goverment just look what they have done with their lies and spin;


· Restricted access to legal aid and so, the ability of the poorest to access justice.
· Restricted your right to go to an employment tribunal
· Restricted your right to ask a judge to look at government policies or the actions of your boss
· Reduced the support we give CABs to help you
· Removed the need for your boss – or his government – to show that they are fair to black people or disabled people, women or any other group.
· Offered to buy all of your employment rights – pension, pay, safety – everything, in exchange for a few shares.
· Forced hundreds of thousands of people to work for no pay – some for an unlimited period.
· Reduced your pension and raised the age you can retire at.
· Allowed some bosses to make you work as many hours as they like.
· Slashed support for disabled people because they are a drain on the economy
· Made it easier for your boss to sack you without a good reason.
· Suggested that we get rid of the Human Rights Act
· Limited the ability of single parents to access the Child Support Agency and force partners to pay for their children
· Scrapped the “Social Fund” that was the very last safety net between poverty and starvation
· Overseen a 100% rise in people queuing for emergency food at food banks.
· Closed half of the refuges for women fleeing domestic violence.
· Denied profoundly disabled children the right to an independent income
· Ensured that so many people lose their homes, even Boris Johnson referred to it as “social cleansing”
· Changed the law so that people relying on social housing can no longer enjoy the security of a home for life and can be evicted if they have more bedrooms than they need.
· Undermined the House of Lords so that effectively, it cannot amend any laws Cameron might wish to pass.
* Reduced or removed the need for government to consult anyone on changes they make.
· Restricted your right to appeal any wrong decisions
· Allowed some councils to force disabled people back into institutions on cost grounds
· Ignored and broken international law
· Alienated European leaders – our main export market – and isolated himself through extremism.
· Created new tax loopholes that will save big businesses tens of billions
· “Re-defined” poverty so that figures will not show a massive rise.
· Used propaganda and proven lies to vilify the poor, disabled and those seeking work.
· Removed the safety net if you become too unwell to do your job.
· Allowed banks to write off all the losses that got us in this mess against tax. Unlike America, who insisted they pay it back.
· Closed committees designed to keep check on his policies
· Reduced the number of civil servants (who’s job it is to design safe laws and policies) to lowest ever levels.
· Politicised the police force
· Proposed secret courts
· Attempted to restrict what you say and do on the internet
· Continually ignored expert advice
· Announced it will no longer be compulsory to register to vote (the poorest are the least likely to vote and most likely to vote “ABT” – Anything But Tory)
· Arrested peaceful protesters and influenced sentencing (supposedly independent)
· Associated intimately with many now facing trial for criminal activity in the media – Coulson, Brookes, James Murdoch etc

Remember, these are not cuts. These are changes to the law or announcements made by this UK coalition government in just over 2 years. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the futures of a generation.
They remove or weaken most of the rights and security we’ve won over the last 100 years.
They undermine your right to a secure home, right to a minimum wage, right to justice, right to vote, right to protest, right to a safe workplace and in a growing number of cases, right to life.
They define how long you can be forced to work for, how much pension you get, your right not to be discriminated against and your right to live free from fear or persecution.
How clever then of David Cameron to re-package these rights as “red tape” and “all this extra tickbox stuff” as “bureaucratic rubbish”

Well spotted by Aneurin Bevan in today’s guardian. Blogged by GWB1983.