Jim responds to Gerald


“In his posting on this website dated 28th November 2013 “Gerald Smith Response to Hilda Jack”, our Gerald stated, “She (Hilda Jack) identifies me as the agent for the Parish Council Elections of 2011. Please contact the Elections office to … Continue reading

Gerald Smith – Hilda Jack’s Account


“Cllr. Smith not endorsed as a candidate for the 2014 election and referred to the NEC of the Labour Party for his caution for an election offence in 2011? Surprise surprise in trouble again for not putting his name on … Continue reading

Hilda goes for it in Holderness

Hilda Jack the dumped, Ex Labour Councillor for Holderness Ward is fighting back against the Labour election machine.

She has issued the election literature shown below:

We are wondering if her now Ex-Labour mates will have the heart to report her for the evident elections offence? We will, no doubt, find out in the fullness of time.

If Gerald Smith or his mates do report her, it would amount to the worst kind of hypocrisy, given the outrageous and illegal antics last year and Gerald Smiths formal police caution (Conviction) for his own errors!

A huge thank you is due to our source, Thanks again, Rothpol.

Who else is standing? The Runners and Riders.

Vote Loony – You Know It Makes Sense!

Close of nominations reveals the first Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate has appeared in Rotherham! Omar Mehban is standing for them in Mahroof Hussain’s Ward, Boston Castle.

There has appeared also a rift in Holderness Ward Labour Party where the Official Labour Candidate, Christopher Robinson is opposed by the newly Independent (and Unofficial Monster Raving Loony Party Candidate) Hilda Jack, the sitting Councillor. She is refusing to lie down, after being dumped by Labour in a ‘palace coup’, organised by her long term ally Gerald Smith. See: Rotherham’s disgraceful parade gets ever longer!

The third surprise is Thomas Fenoughty who, despite having a solid majority, is not defending his Wales Ward seat?

Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Does Rotherham have their very own ‘Two Homes’ councillor?

Speculation is rife throughout the borough that Rotherham may well have their very own ‘I’m-Alright-Jacks’, with reports coming in of at least one councillor living in council accommodation whilst owning a property about a mile away!

More information is being sought, if readers have more information on this or other examples of apparent abuse of power please let us know see, About Rotherham Politics.

Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes”

Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes, and they rent out their main home or the council home. That is another scandal that I am sure he will appreciate our bringing to an end.” Hansard Monday 31st October 2011.

Is Grant Shapps perhaps, a mind reader?

Breaking News!! Selection fun in Holderness Ward – Gerald Smith dumps mate?

News just in of a selection upset in Holderness Ward where on Monday night Hilda Jack, the decidedly veteran councillor was deselected in favour of Chris Robinson!

Gerald Smith was reportedly behind the palace coup! She apparently was well beaten gaining little support for her reselection.

Another source has just told me, she hasn’t given up the fight and will try her luck in another ward struggling to achieve their female quota!!! Quite where she can find a ward, stupid enough to pick her, is another question entirely?

Update – A possible target ward for her is believed to be Brinsworth & Catcliffe according to some? If readers know more please let us know.

I am sorry for posting the incorrect information previously. This can be problem sometimes with breaking stories and I think my hearing must need checking?