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Story had holes in it Published on 14/06/2013 09:00 Re: Mrs Reynolds’ letter of 7th June, the letter had more holes than Stan Ogden’s wash leather! Aren’t magistrates duty bound to tell the truth – the letter is nothing like … Continue reading

Anston Parish Council – Councillor is censured over breach


Dinnington Guardian’s report on the latest meeting of Anston Parish Council, you really couldn’t make it up! Councillor is censured over breach Parish councillors in Anston voted to censure one of their fellow councillors at a meeting this week. The … Continue reading

Anston PC – Nothing has changed!

WG LogoThis interesting letter published in the Dinnington Guardian, tells a rather different story to Labour’s authorised version:

Nothing has changed!

Re: “Assault claim after parish meeting” – Dinnington Guardian 3rd May 2013, page 4.

I read with interest the “Assault claim after parish meeting” article, relating to the Anston Parish Council. It reminded me of the time I was on Anston Parish Council, May 2007 to 2010. There was a cronyism culture then and I understand from what I’ve read in the Guardian from time to time the cronyism culture has become much worse since the last election. Read on…..

Anston PC – News Spreads! Where Next?

Thanks to ‘a regular reader’, with very sharp eyes, who spotted this! Couldn’t resist sharing this more widely:

Gainsborough Standard.


‘Arrogant council is not listening to us’

Anston PHPublished on 28/04/2013 10:24

Anston Parish Council has been branded ‘arrogant’ by a resident after councillors ‘verbally attacked’ villagers at a meeting.

Christine Sadler said that some councillors’ attitude towards members of the public who attend meetings was unacceptable.

“It is like the members of the public who attend meetings are regarded as a nuisance that they have to put up with,” she said.

“They are arrogant and are disregarding and disrespecting people.”

During the monthly parish council meeting last Monday, Mrs Saddler said that two councillors referred to members of the public as ‘anoraks with nothing better to do’.

Anston Parish Council Last Night

LoveDinnington was again providing a live Twitter feed and a detailed but humorous report in time for bed!

Rothpol congratulates, LoveDinnington for this and is grateful for the efforts expended in bringing this information to the public!

LoveDinnington – Website
LoveDinnington – Anston Parish Council 18th March 2013
LoveDinnington – Twitter Feed, contains last nights

Don’t you just love Anston parish council? Security guards and two Police Officers at last months meeting of this most dysfunctional council! If your experiences sound similar? Please let us know.