February 2nd by-elections nominations


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Firstly we have the by-election occasioned by Andrew Roddison, and his eventual resignation. Andrew Roddison was the labour councillor until his disgrace. Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward: Dinnington Ward: Election Agents: Brinsworth & Catcliffe Dinnington .

Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?


Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate? They have their own Facebook site, Labour for Dinnington, the part where you can message them is blocked. So you comment on one of the photographs on the site, within a … Continue reading

2015 Election Campaign Starts In Earnest!


The election starting pistol is about to be fired simultaneously, for the General Election, Local Borough Council and parish/town council elections. Three Constituency MPs, twenty one Ward Elections and an enormous number of town/parish council seats all up for grabs, … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Omar Mehban Declares Candidacy

Important Announcement…

by sirm1991

At the end of the 2012 local elections, I had learnt an important lesson. I didn’t like our politics, and I knew Rotherham deserved better.

Unfortunately, we have had cover-ups and political scandals of epic proportions in this last year, culminating in our former MP resigning after fiddling his expenses.

As a proud citizen of Rotherham, I am no longer prepared to tolerate this kind of disrespect to the hard working people of our town. I care about Rotherham, so I intend to put my name forward to stand as an Independent candidate in Rotherham’s by-election on the 29th November 2012.

I believe Rotherham is desperate for a new politics, a genuine politics and a politics where the people are empowered, not ignored. Over the next week or so, I will start to canvass opinion across our town and put forward reasonable and rational proposals to resurrect people’s belief in their MP and their town.

Rotherham needs to be brave enough to vote Independent and demand change from decades of Labour rule. If I am elected, my main priority will be to re-establish the power of democracy’s finest gem; its people. However, I cannot embark on such a colossal mission alone. I need your help.

Please email me if you can help my campaign, in any way possible. Let’s fight for the future of Rotherham together!

Omar Mehban