Rotherham whistleblower Jayne Senior demands more action on online abuse


A CHILD abuse whistleblower who was harassed online is now working with South Yorkshire Police to try and improve how the crime is tackled. Jayne Senior (pictured) faced her online harasser, Faisal Khan, in court in January after he admitted … Continue reading

Who really wears the trousers? Hoddinott perhaps?


A ‘macho bullying culture’. Anyone who has taken any interest in the politics of Rotherham over the past few years will remember this witheringly accurate allegation levelled by Professor Jay in 2014. It’s true that Chris Read has gone to … Continue reading

Woman in court charged with “stalking” Rotherham abuse whistleblower


A CHILD sex abuse victim will be tried next year for allegedly stalking a Rotherham borough councillor. Sarah Wilson (pictured), who waived her right to lifelong anonymity to publish a book on her ordeal, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court to … Continue reading

Wallasey Labour Party group suspended over bullying complaints


The Wallasey Constituency Labour Party group (CLP) has been suspended following complaints of bullying and intimidation. The Labour Party has launched an investigation into the allegations in former Labour leadership contender Angela Eagle’s constituency. The Wallasey MP said “bullying, intimidation, … Continue reading

Labour suspends its South Shields branch over ‘bullying and intimidation’


Labour suspends its South Shields branch over ‘bullying and intimidation’ South Shields Constituency Labour Party has been suspended until next year after a probe revealed a culture of bullying and intimidation. The suspension will now see representatives from Labour North … Continue reading

Star – Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports


This important piece covered by the Star: Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports by Chris Burn Rotherham Council has refused to publish two key reports which highlighted the town’s child sexual exploitation problems more than a decade … Continue reading

Yorkshire Post – ‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’


‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’ VICTIMS OF child sexual exploitation are still not getting the help they need to cope with their trauma because of a lack of resources to provide counselling and therapy, according … Continue reading

Rotherham Taxis – War Looms!

News has reached Rotherham Politics of further strife amongst Rotherham’s Taxi drivers.

On one side are the Hackney Carriage drivers, who are believed backed by Jahangir Akhtar, who was once one of them, and on the other are the far more numerous, Private Hire Taxi drivers, believed backed by Mahroof Hussain assisted by Sajid Bostan the vice chair of the Private Hire Taxi Association and *Mahroof’s brother in law.

There have been a number of meetings recently concerning these disputes between the two different types of Taxis. This is understood to emanate, from promises made to the Private Hire Taxi drivers during last November’s Rotherham By-Election campaign. Promises that would likely be unlawful if implemented, and which would ‘drive a coach and horses’ through the distinction between the two types of taxis!

There have been many concerns raised over this issue and the Licensing Committee certainly have questions to answer about their diligence on behalf of Rotherham’s citizens in respect to the licensing of taxi drivers.

Would like to be a fly on the wall in tomorrows meeting in the Lubyanka! More news later.

From RMBC Website: Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicle (minicab).

*Sajid Bostan has rung confirming that he is not married to Mahroof Hussain’s sister and not therefore, A brother in law. My apologies for any upset caused!

Started the process of reviewing Mondays events and the phone conversations I had with Sajid Bostan, Afzar Afsars and others. Will report on their extraordinary contents later, in a separate posting.

Jahangir Akhtar – Attempted Intimidation?

Rothpol received this email from Jahangir Akhtar at eleven minutes past midnight today:

“I request you supply me with the identity of the posters to you blog  of Chris and Ali who have both written that I have an ASBO.

I also want you to remove the posts as I deem them to be lies and slanderous.

I will await your response before referring this matter to my solicitors.”

Jahangir Akhtar

Rothpol has responded in the following terms:

“Mr Akhtar,
Would be grateful for the name and address of your solicitor, so that my solicitor may correspond with them on the matters you raise.”

A response from Jahangir Akhtar ( received 15:45 today:

“I made a reasonable request asking you to remove the inaccurate posts and also provide me the identity of the people have posted on your blog.

You have responded by posting my private correspondence on your blog.

You leave me no alternative but to let the legal system take its coarse. I am sure you will  get to know my solicitors name/  address when you are served the writ.”

This email was unsigned.

Rothpol has again responded in the following terms:

“Mr Akhtar,

re: Pre-action Protocol for Defamation

I note the contents of your reply.

I have to inform you that your attitude and general demeanour thus far, is quite simply unacceptable and will not go unchallenged.

I requested the name of your solicitors as per the Pre-action Protocol for Defamation which you are required to do promptly, when requested.

I again request that you inform me of their name and address, so that letters of claim may be exchanged.

This request, if unheeded is a very serious matter and I advise you to comply.”

Nothing further has been heard from Akhtar. Bullying and attempts at intimidation, will not work here!