All quiet on the Anston front!

Rotherham’s Labour apparatchiks like to conduct their business without benefit of public accountability for the decisions ‘made in their name’.

When local citizens take an interest in the goings on at their local Parish Council, abuse from Labour members is the usual result. For quite some time now, Anston Parish Council has typified this tendency and serves as a powerful example of the frankly tyrannical behaviour that can result!

The three worst offenders on Anston Parish Council? Iain StJohn, Robin Stonebridge and also Borough Councillor Dominic Beck, who are known to us now at Rotherham Politics, as the ‘three wise monkeys. Judy Dalton and Chairman Ireland have also lent a hand in this shameful record at times, with outrageous behavior tolerated by the Chairman on a routine basis!

Labour’s untrammeled power in Rotherham, has engendered an unwillingness to accept any form of accountability at all, to those they ‘claim to serve’.  Even the Labour Party, that chooses them as candidates, has seemed unable, or unwilling, to ensure their performance, abilities, behaviour and conduct was of an acceptable standard!

Readers of Rotherham Politics will be familiar with this litany of woes as it has afflicted Anston Parish Council, so it will come as a pleasant surprise for us to report that at recent meetings of the Parish Council standards of behaviour and conduct from the Labour PC members was exemplary! All Rotherham Politics hopes, is that they can keep it up in the future? Hence the headline, All quiet on the Anston front!

Why wouldn’t Iain St John back local sports initiative?

Parish councillor and one time Borough councillor Iain St John, once a sports teacher himself, single handedly blocked an application for a small grant to a local sports group for children at a recent meeting of Anston parish council! Why?

Our story starts with an application for a small grant towards sports equipment from a local children’s sports group that had been active for some time and had been supported so far by their own fund raising activities. Just the sort of community initiative that you would have expected to have been supported by ex-sports teacher St John. You would be wrong, as Valerie Sheldon-Ennis soon discovered when she attended the meeting to give support to the application.

A number of applications were considered at the meeting and were for modest donations of perhaps £100, all bar one were nodded through with St John’s full support, no questions asked.

When it came to the application Valerie Sheldon Ennis was there to support, St John started asking all kinds of questions including, “who were the adults” and questioned their bank account as well. It was clear that St John wasn’t going to support this application, with a nod and a wink to his cohorts, the parish council turned the application down!

This unfair treatment made Valerie very angry and she wrote this letter to the editor of the ‘Tiser and it was duly published online. Read it here:

News of two more!

Thanks to readers it can now be reported that two more of next years crop have fallen on their own swords.

Firstly the veteran Councillor Sheila Walker, currently member for Keppel Ward largely made up of Thorpe Hesley, is standing down opening the way for some genuine fresh blood.

Labour, we have been told, will select their replacement next Wednesday. Should be one to watch!

Secondly, in a surprise move, Jo Burton, serving Labour member for Anston & Woodsetts Ward, has stood down a year early! This will, no doubt, add to the problems facing Anston & Woodsetts Labour as they are now in need of two candidates, with the added complication of quotas for women.

Darren Hughes, remember him? He won his seat four years ago as a Tory*! Defected to Labour and now hopes to be selected by Labour to be one of their candidates. Robin Stonebridge, we also understand is seeking support for his selection, as one of the two labour candidates, unfortunately for one of these two they, as you may have noticed, are both male!

Note: * Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Darren Jason Louis Hughes – A Tory who defected to Labour when the going got tough. This safe Tory seat that Darren Hughes took for them with 1704 votes and a whopping Tory majority of 520! Maybe it will be an uphill struggle for Labour, no matter which donkeys they pin their rosettes on?

Rotherham's Cabinet – What No Women!

Councillor Roger Stone Chairman Leader of Council

Councillor Jahangir Akhtar Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods

Councillor John Doyle Member for Health and Social Care

Councillor Mahroof Hussain Member for Community Development and Engagement

Councillor Paul Lakin Member for Children and Young People’s Services

Councillor Richard S. Russell Member for Streetpride

Councillor Iain St. John Member for Cultural Services and Sport

Councillor Terry Sharman Vice-Chairman and responsible for Human Resources, Equalities, Training & Development

Councillor Gerald Smith Member for Economic Development, Planning and Transportation

Councillor Glyn Whelbourn Member for

Councillor Ken Wyatt Member for Resources

At first glance this Cabinet is pretty poor, lacking in talent, vision and ability. Nothing new about that then!

Second glance identifies the glaring omission. No Women at all! How can this be?

Thanks to Labour’s quest for gender equality, there are women Labour councillors but Roger Stone did not feel that any of them were up to it! Is he Right?

Jane Austen, Josephine Burton, Sue Ellis, Jaquie Falvey, Jane Hamilton, Jane Havenhand, Hilda Jack, Lindsay Johnston, Rose McNeely, Amy Rushforth (Kevin Barron’s daughter), Gwendoline Ann Russell, Pat Russell (Wife of R S Russell), Sheila Walker and Jennifer Whysall, have all been rejected by the Council Leader as not talented enough to serve in his Cabinet.

This means that not one of the fifteen female councillors is judged as able enough, by comparison with their male colleagues, to serve as Cabinet Members. Even a cursory glance at some in the Cabinet makes this appear patently ridiculous! There are at least four or five males that serve in the current Cabinet whose abilities are clearly inferior to one or more of the female back bench councillors and indeed, most if not all of their backbench Male colleagues!

Roger Stone is really taking the electorate for fools with this Cabinet. They are pretty well devoid of talent, arrogant, self opinionated and unwilling to listen to anyone but themselves and fully imbued with Rotherham’s culture of secrecy and Stalinist approach to control of decision making. Rotherham is also being run by a gerontocracy it seems!

We don’t have real democracy in Rotherham and this proves it!

This is just the latest example of Rotherham Labour treating those they are supposed to serve with complete and utter contempt. No wonder the people of Rotherham are disillusioned and more sceptical and cynical than I have ever known in the last thirty years.

Time for a change! I think.