Hands off Stubbin Lane – latest news from Court


That any hopes RMBC may have had for treating the stopping up of Stubbin Lane as a rubber stamping exercise were dashed. The District Judge ordered there to be a full hearing on 19 June 2018. Currently the hearing is … Continue reading

Before we forget – those who have gone


Rotten Boroughs is seldom so revealing:

Silence of the Lambs


Today myself and Mr Lewis attended the Meeting of the Cabinet. We were deafened by the Silence of Cllrs discussions. First off, a member of the public asked a question around the issue of immigration. The response from the Leader … Continue reading

Jolly good tales?


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Tales from the Town Hall have published this piece about Rotherham Council troughing. Please click on image to view in full:

Fresh Interest – Old Story

Section 106 Agreement – An invitation to extortion? Well what would you call it?

Section 106 agreements, Cllr Mahroof Hussain claims in the most recent edition of the ‘Tiser, “are attached to all sorts of planning applications these days.” You bet they are! What are Section 106 Agreements? Some research: “Section 106 (S106) of … Continue reading →

RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part Four

RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part Three

RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part Two

RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part One