Eric Pickles on electoral fraud


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Police ‘too scared’ to stop vote rigging in Muslim areas, damning report finds


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It is the 11th anniversary of the seminar after which ‘no one can say they did not know’


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It is nearly the 11th anniversary of the seminar after which ‘no one can say they did not know’


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Summer season of scrutiny one – Advisory Cabinet


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Rawmarsh 2014 – Labour out campaigning


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The shame of the Rotherham Labour 57!


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Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact four – Brought Rotherham Mayoralty into disrepute?

Imagine the scene, full Council meeting chaired by the then Mayor Rose McNeely. Peter Thirlwall struggling manfully to make his point, when the then Deputy Mayor and now Mayor, Shaun Wright, held aloft an A4 piece of paper with the word LOSER written upon it so that everyone could see it!

Immediate objection was made to this outrageously childish behaviour by Shaun Wright, from the opposition Conservatives to their eternal credit! Whereupon the Mayor denied seeing it and no one from the Labour side saw it either apparently? funny that!

No small wonder then that when Rotherham Politics first heard of Shaun Wright putting his hat in the ring for the rather well paid job of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (£85,000) we couldn’t take it entirely seriously.

We can only surmise that his supporters condone the oafishly infantile conduct of this putative PCC for South Yorkshire? Perhaps John Healey, Denis MacShane, Roger Stone or Steve Houghton might like to explain themselves, but we won’t be holding our breath!

Staggeringly Shaun Wright is a Magistrate! One can only imagine what would have happened had he acted in this way during a Court Case?

Bringing every office he holds into disrepute, would seem more than an accident, when this was no isolated example and fits a pattern of an arrogant and childish approach from this rather ignorant an flawed man.


Michael Sylvester ‏ @Kronos_of_Roth

@rothpolitics the real objection to Cllr Wright as SYPCC must be the poor OFSTED and improvement notice given to children’s services in 2009

Rotherham Politics published this on Wednesday, 9 December 2009

“Ofsted Slams Rotherham in New Report!

Today, December 9th 2009, it has been revealed that Rotherham’s Children’s Services are judged to be poor by Ofsted. This has happened now only because of the information on the new site Oneplace which went live at 00:01! It is important to remember that this was not news to RMBC. The Rotherham Area Assessment can be seen as a pdf file HERE.

The Council have issued a statement on this assessment which means that along with Doncaster and Haringey, Rotherham is among a group of only nine Councils in the whole country whose Children’s Services are in such a sorry state.

At first glance the RMBC Press release inspired confidence that they are on to it, however after more detailed consideration and dissection of the contents, I am left worrying that this is not an occasion for a ‘leave it with me’ approach favoured by Roger Stone that seems to be being offered here.

This is one of the most serious of failures that could happen to a local authority, after all, is a failing where lives are lost. Rotherham must do at least a reasonable job of protecting the most vulnerable in society, our children.

These children cannot lobby politicians or write to newspapers to complain, they are largely invisible and voiceless. We have a duty to them to give them a voice and to pressure failing services until they deliver for them.

This an issue that must be addressed by all of us, we cannot allow this situation to continue for any longer. Lobby your elected representatives, write to the newspapers, support related charities and most important of all do not forget our duty to these children.”

Who was providing the political direction? Why it was the hapless, hopeless and incompetent Shaun Wright!

Seen elsewhere – News of Denis?

Guido Fawkes has a column on the Sunday Star, he brings us entertaining news about the Rotherham Member of Parliament, Denis MacShane:

“JOURNALIST Joan Smith wrote last week “the female G-spot is a myth” and fellas should stop looking… but that’s news to her ex-partner, Rotherham MP Denis MacShane. Westminster whispers say he’s as keen as ever to carry out bedroom research – and has been trying to enlist the help of Lib Dem Vicky Pryce. Maybe as pillow talk they could discuss the police investigations they’ve both been under – him into alleged expenses fiddling and her into allegedly perverting the course of justice over her ex-husband former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne’s speeding ticket.”

The MacShane Files