MPs have shone a light on the tide of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party


It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,” wrote Charles Dickens in Tale of Two Cities. He was not describing the contrast between the Home Affairs Committee Antisemitism in the UK report, released today, and Shami Chakrabarti’s … Continue reading

Labour Hypocrisy 184 Times!


Welfare bill: These are the 184 Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the Tories’ cuts Below are the 184 Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the second reading of the Conservatives’ Welfare Reform and Work Bill. The main changes in … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Mr MuhBean


Looks like Rotherham’s own Muslim Mr Bean, our MuhBean Hussain and his chums have yet again been stretching the truth. Some of you will remember that last weekend was meant to be the meeting where the revolution began…with the aid … Continue reading

Ahmed in the Times – One

Very grateful to a regular reader for this information from the Times newspaper and researched and written by Andrew Norfolk, the award winning, Chief Investigative Reporter, no less!

Muslim peer blames Jewish Day one 'Jewish conspiracy' peer

Day Two with Opinion from Maajid Nawaz and Jahangir Akhtar, later.

Comments on, Naz Ahmed’s outrageous claims!, may interest readers.

Labour’s Embarrassment Complete?

On Wednesday the Times Chief Investigative Reporter, Andrew Norfolk, broke another very embarrassing story concerning Rotherham and it’s turbulent Labour peer!

Featuring Lord Ahmed and some of his pretty outrageous views. On this occasion spoken by himself and broadcast on television, last year in Pakistan.

Rothpol would be very grateful for some scans from the Times, Wednesday and Thursdays editions, so that anyone who missed them can read the sorry tale for themselves, if any reader could oblige?

Meanwhile, as a warm up, I thought readers might like to review these links to stories that made it into the local and national press and media last week:

From the BBC: Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended after ‘Jewish claims’

The Advertiser: Rotherham peer suspended over new controversy

The Star: Peer suspended by Labour

Yorkshire Post: Labour suspends Yorkshire peer over ‘Jewish conspiracy’ slur

The Telegraph: Busy people text while driving, claimed Peer jailed over fatal crash

The Independent: ‘There’s no place for anti-Semitism in the Labour party’: Ed Miliband condemns Lord Ahmed over claims he blamed imprisonment on ‘Jewish conspiracy’

The Guardian: Labour suspends Muslim peer after reports of antisemitic comments

New Statesman: Lord Ahmed accused of blaming Jewish media owners for his prison sentence

Mirror: Labour peer suspended over claims he blamed Jewish plot for being jailed after fatal car crash

Evening Standard: Labour suspend Lord Ahmed over ‘Jewish conspiracy’ claims

Daily Mail: Labour suspends controversial peer over claims he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his dangerous driving jail sentence

At Rotherham Politics, we are left scratching our heads at the activities of Lord Ahmed and his apparently limitless ability to cause such offence. We are also continually baffled and dismayed at the failure of the Labour Party to adequately deal with him!

This time, there must be no way back for this deeply flawed individual.

Oh, the answer to my question?

Not by a long chalk! Especially if the labour party continues to stick their heads in the sand and ignore Rotherham’s central problem that Naz Ahmed, Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain exemplify!

With Sajid Bostan’s words still ringing in my ears, “We’ve fixed the Council, we’ve fixed the Police and we’ve fixed the Advertiser,” we have a lot to put right in our Town.

Will Cllr Andrews be setting an example?

Hi Rikileaks,

After the RMBC announcement that they will be expecting tennants no longer in need of social housing to free up their properties for the more needy people of the borough, will they be asking cllr Andrews (Hellaby Ward) to free up her own 3 bed council dwelling?

After all, she earns well in excess of 30,000 per year with her cllr salary plus expenses and her salary as a nurse in the private sector….the alleged socialist gave up on the NHS after they spent thousands training her!

Lets see if she sets a good example to her constituents!

From RikiLeaks inbox. If you know of other examples of Labour hypocrisy, please let us know.

Lyn Brown another Labour hypocrite!

Labour MP Lyn Brown proudly says this on her website:

“Since her election in 2005, Lyn has campaigned tirelessly for a Living Wage for all”

But puts our a job advert that says this:

“An intelligent and enthusiastic volunteer worker is required to work in a busy, Westminster office.”

To offer employment on a voluntary basis, unpaid therefore, in central London would be disgraceful at any time, but for an active campaigner for a living wage, it amounts to the worst kind of hypocrisy possible, but she is a Labour MP so it must come naturally?