Ex-Ministerial Payouts the final insult?

Labour’s rejected ministerial team have pocketed a cool £1,051,202 in severance payments due to them after being roundly rejected by the people in the General Election held in May.

These payouts are an outrage! They are rewards for failure and should not be made!

Presumably, Rotherham’s only serving former Minister, John Healey, has had a slice of this action? He might like to enlighten us as to how much he got from this bloated pot of money as a reward for being thrown out of office and to explain why it was proper that he should receive it?

How many of his constituents will be losing their jobs as the result of  Labours profligacy, deceit and cynicism?

They will have noted this outrageous example of greed and it will contribute to further local dissatisfaction with  the ‘peoples party’ and no doubt electoral reverses to come.

The ’empty’ promises, made by the Labour Government with RMBC acting as cheerleaders, have been exposed as pure  election gimmickry. They were unfunded, essentially fraudulent, promises of future funding that would, in all probability have been cancelled by Labour if the country had been foolish enough to have re-elected them!

Labour ‘heartland’ areas such as Rotherham, have been abused, ignored and taken for granted by a Labour Government over the last thirteen years. They will need more than a new Leader to change this around, the Party itself has imploded and no longer knows who they represent or where their loyalties should lie.

In short, we have been betrayed by the very Party that was supposed to speak up for us! Eternal shame on Labour for this ‘sell out’.