UK ditched death penalty opposition under David Blunkett


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Britain secretly abandoned its opposition to the death penalty to hand over information linked to the prosecution of a 9/11 suspect when Lord Blunkett was home secretary, The Times has learnt. Despite public criticism of capital punishment, Britain offered “mutual … Continue reading

Labour suspends party members in ‘antisemitic’ Facebook group


Labour suspends party members in ‘antisemitic’ Facebook group Jeremy Corbyn was active in closed group Palestine Live but says he did not see offensive posts and left in 2015 Labour has suspended several party members who posted in a closed … Continue reading

Food for thought from Philip Collins of The Times


Labour’s malcontents should join the Tories Philip Collins If 50 MPs were to cross the floor there’d be no need for a new party and the country’s fortunes could be transformed Politics, said the conservative philosopher Michael Oakeshott, is more … Continue reading