So different last year?


Firstly a reminder from last year when a much greater sum was made available: Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme Hi Riki, interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak Supermarket scheme. Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families … Continue reading

Christmas voucher scheme hailed a success !

Rotherham Council aiming to expand voucher scheme for needy families

Published date: 01 February 2013 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

A SCHEME which helped struggling Rotherham families pay for their shopping over Christmas could be extended throughout the year.

Rotherham Borough Council loaned £80,000 to Laser Credit Union and Voluntary Action Rotherham to hand out in vouchers which could be used at the Pak Supermarket, Wellgate, over Christmas.

The project helped 140 people in 11 days and council leader Cllr Roger Stone said : “It was very successful as far as we’re concerned. We are looking at the ways and means of extending that when we take over crisis loans from the DWP.” Read on…….

Success then, for this rapidly arranged scheme and as the council will take over crisis loans, it is bound to be rolled out throughout the borough. The concerns raised about the sole supermarket delivering the redemption side of the scheme, were it’s central location. This might well have had acted as an an impediment to access, as the borough is around 20 miles across at it’s widest point, and many just could not get to Wellgate!

Congratulations, for a change, go to Roger Stone, Laser Credit Union, Voluntary Action Rotherham and the PAK Supermarket!

Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!

Hi Riki,
Is this Cllr Mahroof Hussain featured in this PAK supermarket
Rotherham Youtube video? 10 seconds in? Does he know the owner?

So Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!

Surely questions have to be asked about this scheme and who
benefits from ratepayers money? As well as why PAK was chosen and
what part Cllr Hussain has played in PAK gaining the sole
participatory rights?

A curious citizen.

Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme

Hi Riki,
interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak
Supermarket scheme.

Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families who are struggling to
provide food for families at Xmas is due to be approved at cabinet

It will be interesting to view the minutes of this meeting. Qs Who
proposed the scheme? Who suggested PAK Supermarket Rotherham be the
sole beneficiary and why this supermarket was chosen? Where other
stores asked to participate?

A curious citizen.

RMBC Official take: Rotherham Launches Festive Food Fund

Mahroof Hussain Statement: Festive Food Fund for Struggling Families

Generosity to whom?

Hi Riki,
As I was reading the BBC Southyorkshire web page a wonderful story
lept from my screen. RMBC in an extraordinary act of kindness as
loaned the Credit Union 80,000 pounds of ratepayers money to be
made available to families and people in crisis by way of food
parcels. Socialism in action I thought. What an excellent scheme.

Then I read on…the vouchers are only redeemable at PAK
Supermarket at Wellgate. Why only PAK I wondered? My curiosity got
the better of me and so I searched Companies House for information
on PAK Supermarket which will be the recipient of tens of thousands
of Rotherham ratepayer’s pounds…a guarenteed windfall. To my
surprise I found that PAK had recently hit hard times:

Why then I wonder would RMBC present this ailing company with such
a windfall? A further search turned up some more interesting facts;

‘Pak Supermarket (Rotherham) Limited was founded on 23 Dec 2010 and
has its registered office in South Yorkshire. The organisation’s
status is ‘Non-trading’, and they have 1 associated directors – all
of which are current. Mohammed Ayiaz is the Pak Supermarket
(Rotherham) Limited’s sole shareholder with a total of 1.00 shares.
The company has 1 subsidiary.’

Who are the directors? Who is Mr Ayiaz? Who decided to set up a
scheme with PAC Supermarket Rotherham being the only beneficiary in
terms of rate payers cash being exchanged for goods whereby a
private company would profit financially? Is this a council bailout
by the back door? There are currently more questions than answers.

Then I noticed Ms Champion was singing from the twitter tops about
the scheme (even exagerating the 80,000 claiming it was 100,0000).

Something doesn’t seem right here! More probing to follow! Is there
anyone who can shed light on Mr Ayiaz or his family connections in
Rotherham or Birmingham? I am guessing he knows someone with links
to the council since his business was chosen specifically. The
reason why is unclear for now!

A curious citizen.