Labour warned ‘party machine corrupt and rotten’ over a year ago! – why has nothing been done until now?

Those involved with Rotherham Politics have always been aware, that in Yorkshire at least, the ‘party machine was corrupt and rotten’ and badly in need of a shake-up. This phenomenon was named ‘scum labour’ by Michael Elmer and we feel it encapsulates the problems we witness within the labour party in Rotherham and frequently report on.

I must admit that I missed this little gem of a post, on of all places a left wing blog called, Left Futures when it was first published.

The party machine is corrupt and rotten

Posted on September 23rd 2010 by Jon Lansman:

On Saturday, Labour’s new leader must address several urgent problems. Making the party fit for purpose is one he cannot afford to ignore. The party machine as it is now was designed to support Blair in power, to command and control, to ensure that anyone selected for any public office was on-message, that any policy proposal presented for discussion at any but the lowest level was in line with the Leader’s thinking, that no unauthorised campaigning actvity took place. Party members were surplus to requirements except for their money and occasional appearances as extras on a film or photo set. A winning campaign could be managed from the centre, through the media, or so they thought. Read on……………….

Today the blog breaks the story that decisive action is being taken with this posting on Left Futures:

Labour’s clean up begins in earnest – top managers to go

Published 29th November 2011 by Jon Lansman.

Few Labour politicians are willing to discuss the true nature of the old New Labour party. Just over a year ago, we argued that the party machine was corrupt and rotten. A hard hitting attack that received almost no response. No rebuttal. No complaint. Just one supportive comment. Many people seem to prefer not to discuss it. That machine was still in evidence in Liverpool at Labour’s most recent conference, one year into the new regime. But today, decisive steps were taken to dismantle it. Conveniently sandwiched between the Autumn statement and the biggest strike in Britain for many decades, it has been a quiet revolution which will receive little media attention. Read on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Providing this is not just another ‘Blair style’ cosmetic exercise, then yes, this news is to be welcomed. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course, but at least this appears to be a hopeful sign of things to come?

I, myself tend to the Marx attitude, Groucho not Karl in this instance, when asked about club membership, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me,” was his reply. I feel the same way about political party membership.

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