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Momentum official Christine Shawcroft attacks Labour union links

A senior Momentum official has called for Labour to cut its links to trade unions. Christine Shawcroft, a member of Labour’s national executive committee, accused the unions of “sticking it” to rank-and-file supporters of the party, which should belong to … Continue reading

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Bid to re-run Unite leadership election begins

The first step in a bid to re-run the fiercely contested election for the general secretary of Britain’s largest union, Unite, has taken place. The union watchdog – the “certification officer” – appointed a judge to look in to the … Continue reading

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Corbyn & A kinder type of politics; Bo**ox

Labours  NEC has overridden a local selection procedure at Liverpool’s Walton Constituency, instead quietly imposing an aide of Unite boss Len McCluskey to stand in one of the party’s safest seats. Labour officials announced this afternoon that they had selected Daniel … Continue reading

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Len McCluskey re-elected as Unite general secretary

Len McCluskey has been re-elected as Unite’s general secretary following a bitter leadership battle. The result will be seen as a boost for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Mr McCluskey’s chief rival Gerard Coyne was seen as the anti-Corbyn candidate and … Continue reading

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Unite ‘suspends’ Len McCluskey challenger Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne – the man challenging Len McCluskey for the leadership of Unite – has been suspended from his job as a regional official with the union. The move comes as counting is about to get under way in the … Continue reading

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Give Jeremy Corbyn 15 months, says Len McCluskey

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should be “given a chance” and allowed 15 months to prove he can turn around opinion polls, says union boss Len McCluskey. The general secretary of Unite said Mr Corbyn was being “slaughtered” by the media … Continue reading

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This ‘secret plan to destroy Labour’: Who are Momentum and what do they stand for?

THE FUTURE existence of the Labour Party is at risk, deputy leader Tom Watson has warned amid claims that hard left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are plotting a takeover in a secret deal with Unite union boss Len McCluskey. Mr … Continue reading

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