Shaun Wright – Caption Competition


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Dropping through letterboxes across Rotherham, the latest edition, summer 2013, of the Labour Voice. The usual hand wringing, drivel and crocodile tears are on display throughout, but this image appears on the front page and I couldn’t resist displaying it … Continue reading

PCC home security bill – Not £6,500 but an eyewatering £14,783.32!!


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Thanks to one enterprising soul, we now know exactly how much the security improvements to Shaun and Lisa Wright’s house in Rawmarsh cost us, the simply outrageous sum of £14,783.32!!! We publish the answer obtained by a Freedom of Information … Continue reading

Private Eye 1341 – Wrights’ taught a lesson in democracy!


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Private Eye 1341 has some interesting stories, this one especially caught my eye: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And a lesson in humility, … Continue reading

Vines Wins for UKIP!

Full results to pour over:

Rawmarsh Ward By-Election May 16th 2013
Name Description Votes %
Baldwin G BNP 80 3.2
Parker M Conservative 107 4.3
Wright L Labour 1039 42.1
Meharban M LibDems 28 1.1
Gray A TUSC 61 2.5
Vines C* UKIP 1143 46.4
Votes Cast 2464
Electorate 9580
Turnout % 25.7


Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – points to ponder before voting today!


Don’t you think that PCC Shaun Wright & his ‘wannabe’ replacement Councillor wife are the greediest couple in Rotherham? Apparently not content with his £85,000 annual salary plus expenses, he decided he could remain as a Rotherham Councillor as well … Continue reading

Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – A question for Lisa Wright?

*A question for Lisa Wright.*

Your NHS employers allow staff to take *paid* time off for duties as a
Councillor, meaning you could be receiving a £12,000 Councillor’s allowance
while facing no loss of income from taking time off at work.

In effect getting double pay. This is at a time when;

*“** **Rotherham NHS Trust says it needs a “smaller hospital, with
substantially fewer beds”, and a smaller workforce to save £50 million over
the next four years”.***

*Dr Peter Carter, the RCN’s general secretary said “What the hell is going
on when the hospital trust in a town like Rotherham, with all its poverty,
can say they’re going to cut 750 jobs? They can’t do that and still provide
the same level of care,”*

Any payment for paid time that you refuse from the NHS may only be a drop
in the deficit ocean.


you must be aware that many people including Labour Party members are
aghast at the allegations of cronyism and nepotism already circulating
about your husband and his rise to power.  I am sure these allegations are
unfounded and that his recent appointment of a political friend is pure
coincidence and that she was selected from highly competitive long list.


As a politician who I am sure wants to be seen as having integrity, a promise
to the electorate that you will not be requesting or accepting either your
council allowance or payment for the time you will be taking off from the
NHS will go down well.

We are aware of Tory hypocrisy when they say that “we’re all in together”.
Let’s prove that Labour really is more moral and principled than them.

Wil Ewart

Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – Lisa Wright Campaigning

lisa - Campaigning

Found this picture of ‘the greedy one’ out campaigning with her team. Left to Right; Ken Wyatt, Lisa Wright (Candidate), Darren ‘Daz’ Hughes, Keith Goulty and Shaun Wright (Candidates husband, Rawmarsh Ward Labour Party Secretary, Lisa Wright’s election agent and SY Police & Crime Commissioner).

Daz Hughes, the Champagne socialist and kiss of death to many an election campaign, even his own! Rothpol’s intelligence indicates that this by-election is getting desperately close! There are rumours that Nigel Farage may be putting in an appearance to support their candidate, watch this space!

When your troops are as numerous as this, not much door-knocking is going to take place!

Polling day in the Rawmarsh by-election, is 16th May, Thursday week!

There is still all to play for, with ten days of campaigning to go!

Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – Diary Dates

Organising an event connected to the Rawmarsh by-election? Let Rothpol know.

Just one event, so far:

Wednesday 8th May, 7-00pm
Earl Grey (Dining Room),
High Street, Rawmarsh
Andy Gray TUSC candidate, will be speaking among others. Everyone welcome!
TUSC: Andrew Gray

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Polling day in the Rawmarsh by-election, is 16th May, Thursday week!

There is still all to play for, with ten days of campaigning to go!

Rawmarsh By-Election Candidate Statement – Martyn Parker

I was born in Kilnhurst and  lived in and around the area for 20 years which included living in the Parkgate  area and attending a local Comprehensive school.

After leaving school I worked  at Central Engineering Workshops and Brinsworth Strip Mill for seven years which  were both part of British Steel.

In 1986,  under Mrs Thatcher’s government, I was made redundant from Brinsworth Strip  Mill, so I experienced at first hand the hardships and sacrifices made by the  working man. However, I channelled this in a positive way and took the  opportunity to retrain which allowed me to secure a job as a vending engineer  where I worked tirelessly for seven years before I decided to make the brave  decision of starting my own vending business, which has now been established for  nearly 20 years.

As we all  know, the common misconception people have of a Conservative is a posh,  privately educated person born with ‘a silver spoon’ but the people of Rawmarsh  can clearly relate to someone such as myself who has strived to work hard for  all of my life and has been committed to providing a living for my family and  contributing to our society.

I know the  value of hard work, I know how tough it can be to provide for your family on a  limited income but at the same time, I know that through perseverance and  dedication, we can achieve anything that we want.

I have  previously been a councillor for RMBC from 2008-2012 and this was a very  significant part of my working life because it allowed me to constructively  challenge the Labour run council and hold them to account but most importantly because it allowed me to serve the people of Wickersley and relate to the issues  affecting them.

My message to the people of Rawmarsh is: a vote for the  Conservative Party is a vote for experience, a vote of absolute commitment to  our local community and a vote for someone who knows how our council works and  how to make sure Rawmarsh is given a fair  representation.

Promoted by Omar Mehban on behalf of Martyn Parker and the  Conservative Party, both at 1b South Terrace, Moorgate Street, Rotherham, S60  2EU

Polling day in the Rawmarsh by-election, is 16th May.