John Poulson – now there’s a story?


I am researching John Poulson, the Pontefract-based architect who was jailed in March 1974 for corruption. It was estimated that at least 21 local authorities had been drawn into his web of corruption as he bribed councillors and officers to … Continue reading

Everyone needs good neighbours – Back to the issue of justice!


Back to the issue of justice. “Just had a look at google maps and discovered that the proposed extension is to the north of Asbo’s property..hence natural light is not a problem. Only leaves the being overlooked issue and that’s … Continue reading

How Corrupt is Britain? A Conference

Corruption Definition: “the abuse of public office for private gain” World Bank.

The Independent brings us news that shames us all:

Scandal: Just how corrupt is Britain?

Rotten banks, dodgy cops, MPs on the fiddle. A conference on public life has evidence to topple long-held assumptions

Conference: How Corrupt is Britain?

10 May 2013, University of Liverpool
9.30am to 5pm

`How Corrupt is Britain?’ is a one day conference which will bring together campaigners, academics, key public figures and journalists to explore how we should tackle the corruption of public life in Britain. There will be an evening showing of the film `Who Polices the Police?’ by Ken Fero.

The question that just won’t go away – what do we get for our £113,000,000?

Rotherham Politics suggestion for savings No One

For years now the taxpayer has been putting money into the coffers of trades unions via a range of ‘back door’ methods.

Thanks to the Tax Payers Alliance and their recent report, Taxpayer funding of trade unions 2011, it is now possible to put a credible figure on the costs. It amounts to the staggering figure of £113,000,000! That is over £17 per year, for every trade union member!*

Most of this money has been given to them under the guise of education, in one form or another. There are however, other routes of money distribution to the trades unions.

The investigators have been extraordinarily rigorous when it comes to their detailed analysis of the figures for the year 2009-10. Their report makes it possible, perhaps for the first time, to see the full extent of the ‘facilities time’ route for shovelling ‘public money’ into the coffers of the major public sector unions. When I refer to public money, I refer to yours and mine hard earned! Of course.

The figures for Rotherham’s contribution are given below:

Union Estimated Cost £ *TPA
ASCL 2819
ATL 2819
GMB 42289
NAHT 2819
NUT 7048
UNISON 84577
TOTAL 149419

Not an enormous amount, you might think? But this is just the RMBC end of the picture. Don’t forget the Health Service makes a significant contribution as well.

I thought members subs paid the high salaries and Champagne lifestyles of the trade union barons of today? Seems I was wrong! Taxpayers, who are also members of unions, pay twice then. At the very least, it doesn’t look good and may just be another example of a ‘corrupt embrace,’ even? Are the unions being secretly ‘bought off,’ despite the posturing, bluff and bluster? No wonder members are always shafted in the end!

This then is the first Rotherham Politics suggestion for savings. Withdraw these arrangements and save the nearly £150,000 every year, it will soon mount up!

Rotherham Politics suggestion for savings No Two, will feature a completely unnecessary company that appears to exist, simply to spend our money!



Friend of Old Rotherham brings us these two stories that will amuse you!

Firstly this very revealing story, in Yorkshire’s national daily, the Yorkshire Post, from 2003:

Fresh blow for council rocked by scandal

Published on Sunday 26 October 2003

THE new leader of a council tainted by a major sleaze scandal has admitted making a false expenses claim over a trip to Scotland – but insists it was a genuine mistake.

The claim, by Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone, was discovered during a police inquiry into an anti-poverty organisation run by Garvin Reed, the disgraced former deputy leader of the authority who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for his part in stealing 172,000 of public money. Read on….

And this link to a piece of the jigsaw of the history of Rotherham from the same time:


Available as a pdf, here.

A timely reminder of the tendency to corruption, fraud and worse that seems to occur wherever  Labour rule without effective opposition!

Thanks to ‘A Friend of Old Rotherham‘, for bringing these links to our attention.

A selection of stories featuring Roger Stone from the Yorkshire Post can now be found in:

The Leader’s Files – Roger Stone