MacShane – Standard reports he is still blaming everyone but himself?


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The Standard seem to like covering our Denis, this was published on Monday and features Denis, once more bleating about the way he was conspired against.:  

The Tablet – Denis looking for absolution?


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The Catholic weekly, The Tablet, features an article penned by Denis MacShane: Can’t help but be surprised at the Tablet’s keenness to provide space to this convicted fraudster? Perhaps even more surprising when you consider his recent relationships, that cannot … Continue reading

News on the MacShane front


The ‘spin machine’ is also working overtime down in London, this time on MacShane’s behalf! Doing the rounds amongst the political chattering classes are these two interesting pieces of gossip. He is reportedly very annoyed at those he thought were … Continue reading

I did smell a rat!


Originally published as I smell a rat!, on March 16th 2011: Or even ‘lower than vermin’, apologies to Nye Bevan. I refer, of course, to Rotherham’s oleaginous and slippery Member of Parliament, Denis MacShane. Guido Fawkes reminded us yesterday that this … Continue reading

Did Denis get his defence in on Wednesday


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On Wednesday this week, the Yorkshire Post published, in the print edition but not online, this piece on page two under the by-line of James Reed, political correspondent. Thought it deserved wider readership in Rotherham, in view of the fact … Continue reading

A Jolly For MacShane?


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Rothpol is grateful to an admirer of Denis MacShane, who thought readers might be interested in one of ‘Dodgy Denis’s’ latest exploits. A jolly, it would appear, but who paid? Has Denis got religion? I thought he was an atheist? … Continue reading

MacShane – File handed to CPS!

piggy-macshaneGuido Fawkes reports some good news.

A file on MacShane has been handed to the Crown Prosecution Service!

Not long now, to wait for the charges to be announced!

From the moment the Standards & Privileges Committee published their report, it was inevitable that Southwark Crown Court would await, eventually.

Full story: The MacShane Files

Len Tingle’s Take on Denis’s Predicament

No privilege for disgraced former MP Denis MacShane

A couple of days ago this tweet popped up in my Twitter account:

“Glad to see @DenisMacShane is not to be charged. Decent guy. Good sense prevails”

I had never heard of the person who posted the information in the first place but it had come to me because it had been re-tweeted by someone I have followed very closely for a long time.

That re-tweeter was Denis MacShane himself.

It took one phone call to Scotland Yard’s press office to discover that Denis MacShane the disgraced former Labour MP for Rotherham in South Yorkshire, still has questions to answer. Read on…….