Questions over millions of pounds of road safety money which is ‘missing’ from ex-police chief’s private firm


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Star Exclusive: Top South Yorkshire cops got £120,000 in bonuses while abuse scandal was unfolding


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Shaun Wright – Still breaking the rules, using forbidden images?

Rotherham Politics reported recently, on Shaun Wright’s abuse of the rules, when using images of Police and connected pictures in his campaigning materials;






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Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?
Tiser – Read all about it!!

What do the rules say?

This was extracted from the full ACPO Guidance, pinched from, download full pdf here.

How then does Shaun Wright get away with the continued use on his campaign website of these two images that most certainly fall into the category of forbidden images:

These images are still being displayed on Shaun Wrights website, despite being warned about them, on at least two occasions last week by South Yorkshire Police. Ho so?


Reader photos most welcome, especially those showing Shaun Wright still using his large display, containing at least two forbidden images in breach of the ACPO Code.

Shaun Wright must think the law does not apply to him?

A pretty disgraceful attitude for a PCC candidate, his election will end in tears!

Rothpol is grateful to Gillian Radcliffe, for pursuing this matter with SY Police which provided the evidence for this posting. Mistakes, omissions all down to Rothpol.

Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Just look at this pic which is worth a thousand words –

Bobby knows best!!!!
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A South Yorkshire Police officer in uniform possibly getting involved in Shaun Da Sheep’s blatant electioneering. I wonder whether Shaun Da Sheep has this officer’s written consent to publish his picture on a public forum like his very public blatant political electioneering platform where he campaigns for election as PCC?

If Da Sheep didn’t get the bobby’s written consent, well then that’s another goolie-drop that this Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown has made to add to his A4 “Loser” fiasco, along with his failure to act over the recent child exploitation case in Rovrum.

Of course, if Da Sheep did get the bobby’s written consent to publish the bobby’s pic then that potentially brings the police officer, along with South Yorkshire Police, into potential conflict for lacking impartiality and judgement while on duty in uniform and potentially bringing both the officer and SYP into disrepute.

Wonder what advice Chief Constable David Crompton would have to offer on this situation?

Over to you Shaun Da Sheep. Did you or did you not get the bobby’s written consent?

Kind Regards,

Note: the link provided above to Shaun Wright’s twitter feed stopped working earlier today Sunday 9th Sept. What took them so long?

Police & Crime Commissioners – Set to be another huge waste of our money?

Spotted by Grald-Hunter:

Here’s some alarming piece of financial news that the soon-to-arrive South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner gravy train will be loaded to the rooftop with salary ackers for the favoured few – – yet more toxic salaries to do what’s already being done in the county.

Not one of our hard-working RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns on t’Police Authority have raised a peep at this blatant piece of expensive empire building – and why not – could it be because, shamefully, Shaun The Sheep has aspirations to be one of the expensive gang.

Where are those same supposedly stalwart souls like Reggie Rat, Grald, Roger Da Dodger, Rubecula Steinbrucke, and Da Blue Badge Cheat who come out of the woodwork every now and then to tell us how they have our interests at heart?

In the words of Ricky Tomlinson, of the TV Royle Family: “My RR’s”.

Yours Sincerely,

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