The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town?

Rotherham Politics brings you a satirical take on last nights meeting of the Anston Comedy Club, also known to us as Anston parish council, from Comedy Correspondent, Dave Smith:

Last night I decided to pay a visit to one of my local comedy clubs.  I went along with my Friend Mr  Lewis, one of the finest hecklers one could ever wish to meet.  We were a little disappointed to find that two of the usual stars of the show were appearing elsewhere.  I am of course referring to “I can shout and insult anyone I want to” Stonebridge.  The other one is very well known as a comedian and quick change artist turn coat Hughes.  It got off to a slow start but that queen of comedy, Councillor Dalton kept us slightly amused.  Lets not forget also that wonderful Dumbo impersonator, Sinjin, he was his usual funny self.  This club also has its own ” don’t worry I will protect you comedians from the nasty audience” person.  It would seem his job is to shout down anyone who dares to criticise these wonderful entertainers.  I believe he is married to one of the comediennes.

Things began to come alive when we came to the part of the show that dealt with correspondence, it would seem that most of this part of the show consists of the comedians chanting the word received. Until we arrived at the first of two letters councillor Thornton had written, the first was a letter about Sinjin and his behaviour.  We, of course, being only plebs were not allowed to be privy to the full content of this missive.  It did however lead to some wonderful exchanges between councillor Thornton, Sinjin and what I think was some one impersonating a chairman.

Things really began to come to life when the second epistle was dealt with.  This one was a complaint against the chairman impersonator.  He began to read it out, at every line he would say that’s rubbish.  My experienced heckler friend, Mr Lewis, stood up and pointed out to the impersonator that whilst he was dealing with the complaint against himself he could not remain in the impersonators chair.  This is of course correct, because how can the chairman remain impartial and give everyone a fair chance to speak when the complaint is about himself.  Lord Citrine will have been spinning in his grave.

The “I will protect you comedians” person attempted to shout down and lambaste Mr Lewis in order to shut him up.  This was a futile gesture, as Mr Lewis is an expert at his job.  Then our wonderful Dumbo impersonator waded in stating ” the impersonator must stay in his place”.  This then meant that councillor Thornton would not be allowed a fair hearing.  We then had the finest piece of comedy of the night, it brought forth roars of laughter from the audience.  Sinjin stood up and accused councillor Thornton of bullying him.  At this juncture the pretend chairman lost all control.  Then, as it would seem is usual on these occasions, councillor Thornton was ordered to leave the meeting.

I would urge every one to attend at least once the Anston and Woodsetts comedy club.  It has a very eclectic mix of comedians.  We have parish councillors, who also double up as borough councillors, who reside in Dinnington.  We have parish councillors who do the same.  The we have a parish councillor who is also a borough councillor for Kiveton.  Then we have a, Tory by any other name would still stink, Hughes, who is a borough councillor for this area but lives in Catcliffe.  This is a must see show.

Dave Smith

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