Miliband suffers new threat – GMB to reconsider Labour affiliation!

Ed Milibands leadership is under new threat today as a welter of negative criticism swirls around the trades unions!

This time it involves the GMB, who, it has emerged, are going to review their affiliation to the Labour Party!

News just in: There are now persistent and credible reports, that disaffiliation from the Labour Party is definitely on the agenda for activists in unions that affiliate! Should make for an interesting conference season at least!

If Labour is no longer the party of the organised working class, why should they pay for it? When Ed’s Labour Party is showing, quite clearly, they are not interested in us! Simples!

Ed Miliband’s relaunch – Unconvincing!

I already know I’m a sad old so and so, but in the hope that Ed’s re-launch speech would propel him to new popularity and true engagement with the voters, I watched the whole event, questions and all! Needn’t have bothered, there was a distinct air of ‘back to the future’ here. Convincing he most certainly was not!

Unfortunately I didn’t even witness a competent appraisal of Labour’s record in government. Nor was there an explanation for running deficit budgets every year from 2001 onwards, which are now a major source of our current difficulties. He ‘was there’ during the relevant period, so he should know the answer, but won’t share it with us.

Miliband even had his very own wardrobe failure with his loose tie! Made what he said look amateurish. He looked and sounded like a distant academic, giving a lecture to a group of disinterested students, that or very young, more like a schoolboy perhaps?

He must have had more relaunches than Michael Foot by now? Read the text of Ed Miliband’s speech.

The reaction on the social networks is decidedly underwhelming, but two contributions stand out. The first from Peter Hain, cheerleader in chief, that took the view Ed Miliband appears to be capable of ‘walking on water’. The second, rather bizarre contribution, came from Ed Balls, who repeated the mantra first coined when Michael Foot was Labour Leader by Jim Mortimer! Ed’s the leader and he’s 100% behind him. Can’t get more strange than that.

Meanwhile, David Miliband the other Milibrother, was spotted in a swanky restaurant, The Delaunay WC2,  lunching! Specialties of the house, caviar and oysters!

Ed Miliband Aid

Who said us bloggers don’t have a sense of humour?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ed Miliband MP

“Every day, cruelty and mistreatment of Ed Miliband make his life a misery.  His foibles, gaffes and occasional typos result in what might seem to many harmless banter, but cause a waking nightmare for Ed.  We work to end this cruelty.” Read on……..