Moofy’s Midlands manoeuvring: More questions than answers.


So, according to Andrew Gilligan (Sunday Times 30th April 2017), Mahroof Hussain has pitched up in the West Midlands to lend a hand to Sion Simon the Labour candidate in the mayoral contest. But should anyone really be surprised that … Continue reading

Mahroof Hussain turns up in the West Midlands


A critical case of the Brummie wobbles Labour has long been dominant in the West Midlands but voters are wavering and Thursday’s mayoral race could foreshadow the national result on June 8 People in the West Midlands have a new … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – friendships revealed?


How on earth could Leader, Cllr “flaky” Lakin vote in a motion of no confidence to oust close and trusted friend Shaun “Im All” Wright after holidaying so many times with him and enjoying the Wright Families hospitality. I presume … Continue reading

Mahroof Hussain with Paul Lakin, Simon Currie in Akbars


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Strange bedfellows celebrating or plotting comebacks, one wonders? This picture is a little older than I thought, it is from last year in fact. Left to right Paul Lakin, Butt, Simon Currie and Mahroof Hussain. I was reminded of these … Continue reading

Gets where water can’t?


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This interesting page, illuminates just how far, the ‘charlatan’ Muhbeen Hussain, will go to to court publicity. Click on image below, to view: .   . I was just checking that TellMama was not a charity – when I came … Continue reading

More Duplicity on Sunday


A reader spotted this and wanted others to see it too: This consists of an apparently unwarranted attack upon Emma Hoddinott, by one of Mahroof Hussain’s most loyal foot soldiers. Known a ‘Saggy’ to his mates, Zahir Monir is … Continue reading