Moofy’s Midlands manoeuvring: More questions than answers.


So, according to Andrew Gilligan (Sunday Times 30th April 2017), Mahroof Hussain has pitched up in the West Midlands to lend a hand to Sion Simon the Labour candidate in the mayoral contest. But should anyone really be surprised that … Continue reading

Mahroof Hussain turns up in the West Midlands


A critical case of the Brummie wobbles Labour has long been dominant in the West Midlands but voters are wavering and Thursday’s mayoral race could foreshadow the national result on June 8 People in the West Midlands have a new … Continue reading

Shaun Wright – friendships revealed?


How on earth could Leader, Cllr “flaky” Lakin vote in a motion of no confidence to oust close and trusted friend Shaun “Im All” Wright after holidaying so many times with him and enjoying the Wright Families hospitality. I presume … Continue reading

Mahroof Hussain with Paul Lakin, Simon Currie in Akbars


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Strange bedfellows celebrating or plotting comebacks, one wonders? This picture is a little older than I thought, it is from last year in fact. Left to right Paul Lakin, Butt, Simon Currie and Mahroof Hussain. I was reminded of these … Continue reading

Gets where water can’t?


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This interesting page, illuminates just how far, the ‘charlatan’ Muhbeen Hussain, will go to to court publicity. Click on image below, to view: .   . I was just checking that TellMama was not a charity – when I came … Continue reading

More Duplicity on Sunday


A reader spotted this and wanted others to see it too: This consists of an apparently unwarranted attack upon Emma Hoddinott, by one of Mahroof Hussain’s most loyal foot soldiers. Known a ‘Saggy’ to his mates, Zahir Monir is … Continue reading

Why was that meeting of Boston Castle LP meeting disrupted?


Was it to stop the vote of no confidence in Mahroof and the two other Councillors? Only partly….he’d already got LP Central to ban any questions to the Councillors and any possible vote. The answer is in the paper that … Continue reading

Mr Teflon – the questions that must be answered


An interesting set of questions? “Today Rothpol has supplied us with serious questions posed by the commendable Andrew Norfolk. Joyce Thacker was an influential member of the child protection body which was the safeguarding panel. On which details of the … Continue reading

Andrew Norfolk – Poses the difficult questions


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Thanks to Regular Reader for this full scan of Andrew Norfolk’s piece in the Times newspaper: