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Rotherham Politics has documented previously, the rather nasty side of Jahangir Akhtar, AKA Agent Garbo, and his representative on Earth, GraldHunter AKA Donald H Buxton. Their victims have included Roger Stone, Shaun Wright, Sarah Champion, Chris Read, Gerald Smith, Mahroof … Continue reading

The shame of the Rotherham Labour 57!


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Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 12th Nov

We can predict with some certainty that the Rotherham by-election will be the dirtiest campaign ever, in Rotherham!

Already we have seen Respect locked out of a meeting room they had booked for their rally and confirmation of their candidate Yvonne Ridley!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rotherham Labour is now threatening a Mosque, who have the temerity to issue an invitation to the Respect candidate to enable members to listen to the arguments from Yvonne Ridley. Low and behold they have been advised that should this meeting take place the Mosque can whistle if it wants planning permission to rebuild! Story so far in the comments on the post, Respect and Rotherham.

This kind of infantile, fundamentally anti-democratic behaviour, is just what we have come to expect from Labour in Rotherham. They think the ‘own’ the Town and when challenged, there is no low-down dirty trick or stunt they will not pull, even if laws are broken! Rotherham Labour are a thorough disgrace to the word democracy! This by-election will expose that to everyone, the Labour Party must get a grip, before they become a complete laughing stock.

Labour Party aspirants, down in London today, for the selection of the shortlist to be put to Labour members at New York Stadium tomorrow night! Understand Eddie Izzard may be the surprise inclusion on the shortlist! Information now in, indicates Eddie Izzard is the preferred candidate! Mahroof must not be on the, very shortlist!

Civil war has broken out in Rotherham since the unveiling of the all wimmin shortlist forecast recently on Rotherham Politics. look very likely that Yvonne Ridley will be getting more volunteers for her campaign,very soon!

Ralph Dyson, The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate has taken his campaign onto the web, to view his site, click here. Ralph Dyson.

Breaking News: The Liberal, Robert Teal, has been selected to be their candidate in Rotherham!

Updated as further news comes in, email rothpol with your news.

Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 11th Nov

Welcome to you on this beautiful Sunday morning, the day that Labour members realise that they have a real fight on their hands!

Respects Yvonne Ridley, has a reputation as a formidable campaigner, that will go down well with the ex-Labour voters in Rotherham, who now stay away from voting because the Labour Party no longer even seeks to represent them! There are enough of them to swing the vote decisively! Oh dear! Yvonne on Twitter, @yvonneridley.

Labour Selection: In addition to Richard Burgon, there are three suitors with easily recognisable surnames, desperately seeking parliamentary seats. I speak of  Will Straw, Euan Blair and Joe Dromey, no less! Labour Royalty even, dynasties in the making?

The #nocarpetbaggershere Twitter #tag is being used to imply support for Mahroof Hussain, even by some who privately can’t stand him and use the most derogatory of terms when describing Mahroof Hussain in private. Politicians saying one thing in public, then doing another in private, well I never! Machiavelli is alive and well and can be seen in Rotherham’s Lubyanka!

Omar Meban has withdrawn in favour of Yvonne and has said that everyone is welcome to join him in helping with Yvonne’s campaign.

Newsflash!!!! Another Independent candidate has declared, this time the Rev Simon Copley! More about this in the first post tomorrow.

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Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 10th Nov

Respect are announcing their candidate this afternoon at a rally.

Newflash: George Galloway MP has announced Yvonne Ridley as Respects candidate in the Rotherham by-election. Many people there! That will concentrate Labour’s mind?

Not half, this is as far as they are concerned, awful news, running around like headless chickens as this is written.

The Unite contingent are in London today seeking the unions backing.

Labour Shortlisting Monday. A new name for readers to ponder upon, Colin Burgon’s son, Richard, a solictor! GMB Backed we have been told and gaining some momentum.

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Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 9th Nov

The notice of election, now available:

Notice of Election. UK Parliamentary By-Election for Rotherham Constituency

Labour News: We gather that Cllr Neil License is also attempting to get Unite’s backing. There are, also those with a national profile, chasing the Labour nomination.

Updated as further news comes in, email rothpol with your news.

2014 elections – first look at the battleground

The 2014 Battleground, first look. These are the incumbent Councillors who’s Term of Office, expires May 2014.

Ward Incumbent Party
Anston & Woodsetts Ward Jo Burton Lab
Boston Castle Ward Rose McNeeley Lab
Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward Alan Buckley Lab
Dinnington Ward Jackie Falvey Lab
Hellaby Ward Lynda Donaldson Con
Holderness Ward Gerald Smith Lab
Hoober Ward Brian Steele Lab
Keppel Ward Ian Barron Lab
Maltby Ward Amy Rushforth Lab
Rawmarsh Ward Shaun Wright Lab
Rother Vale Ward Richard Russell Lab
Rotherham East Shaukut Ali Lab
Rotherham West Jahangir Akhtar Lab
Silverwood Ward Pat Russell Lab
Sitwell Ward Tony Mannion Con
Swinton Ward Neil License Lab
Valley Ward Dave Pickering Lab
Wales Ward Jennifer Whysall Lab
Wath Ward Alan Atkin Lab
Wickersley Ward Sue Ellis Lab
Wingfield Ward Keith Goulty Lab

Borough Council Elections 2010 Results

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

Now that summer holidays are upon us, time to relax, try this friendly competition.

Last May the Labour Party election addresses were strewn with errors. This is the worst I have come across, unless you know differently? If you think you have another leaflet with more mistakes in it, get it scanned and email it to me please. Click here for details.

This example was issued by Neil License in his election for Swinton ward on May 6th. Click on the images to enlarge.

Identify the errors, there are loads!

Enter via comments below.

Have fun!


Neil License Inner