Rush House Project – New Information

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Trambuster for this latest information, which we bring you, to add to the information available of the many ways Rotherham is ‘joined up‘! Mr T thought this link ( should be more widely publicised. Thanks to Google we can also show you it’s location. This appears to be somewhere where Nick Cragg, Dominic Beck and Darren Hughes meet up in close proximity. Trying to establish exactly who is the Landlord of 10 Percy Street?

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce – Havin’ a Laugh!

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, according to their website employ Dominic Beck as Senior Policy & Representation Advisor!

Seems incredible, as Dominic is still a boy, not yet a man! His education incomplete.

Seems who you know, is still more important than what you know, íf you have the right connections?

Rotherham’s very own Art Gallery!

Reports have been coming in from Rothpol readers, that Artworks have been appearing around Rotherham Town! Why? To help readers the following links may be of interest:

Gallery Town Homepage, List of Sponsors. The person in common, Nick Cragg, is he just a useful idiot? Or does he fulfill some other purpose?

For example, he was responsible for (or at least taken the credit for) the appearance of the Band of The Scots Guards in Rotherham at the weekend, culminating in the big bash at Magna.