Rotherham Conservatives up their game!


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Rotherham Conservatives long in the doldrums, are enjoying something of a resurgence in activity. Rotherham Politics brings news of Omar Mehban’s ongoing campaign in Hellaby Ward. Below is the current leaflet being distributed in Hellaby Ward: A degree of professionalism … Continue reading

Eastwood – Reflections from a Conservative perspective


Litter infested streets, houses crying of depravity and a sense of failure and misfortune. That’s how it feels walking the streets of Eastwood these days. Personally speaking, I don’t recognise this section of Rotherham any more. For a brief period … Continue reading

Omar Nails His Colours To The Mast!

Omar blog-cover

We Have Become A Tory….Again

Joining the Conservative Party again was the easiest decision ever. It very accurately represents my centre-right views and champions free market capitalism which this country needs for a successful, booming economic future and personally, it’s the right thing to do.

This is the last time I will be shifting allegiances but I have always felt right at home when supporting the Conservative Party. I want Rotherham Conservatives to rebrand themselves and provide an alternative to the incumbent Labour council. I am sick of being slapped in the face with Labour propaganda in Rotherham and we, the Conservatives must unite and defeat the nauseating Labour Party and their laughable champagne socialists. Read on………

Omar has his say!

After the
Rotherham by-election in which the far-right of our town had managed to bump up
into third place, I was concerned for the future of Rotherham; neo-Nazis and
extreme right-wingers polling over 6000 votes altogether? However, the
disillusioned people of Rotherham are not to blame, nor are the vast majority
racist. So why did they vote for the far-right? The most simple answer is
because the failures of the so-called Left.

The Labour
Party were supposed to be the voice of the people, of the working man but now
the modern Labour Party, with its New Labour mentality still pretty much intact
is a broken and blundering excuse of a political party which no sense of
morality and very little common sense. It was with all that in mind that I
decided to re-join the party and help it find its way once again, build bridges
in the community and re-establish itself as a serious political force who cares
for all, irrespective of colour, creed or social background.

However, I
was recently informed that the Labour Party had rejected my membership on
account that I had stood against them as a Monster Raving Loony candidate (you
really couldn’t make it up!) and because I mentioned that I’d stand in the
Rotherham by-election (I was never formally nominated) but the most disturbing
reason of all came when I was told that my criticism of the party had not gone
unnoticed. Democracy? You’re having a bloody laugh!

I’d forgotten that under Labour’s dictatorship one is not allowed to criticise
them at all. If they kill thousands of our armed forces, you smile and agree.
If they slaughter thousands of Iraqi civilians, you smile and agree because
that’s how democracy works in their perverted ranks; George Galloway spoke out
against it and was kicked out and the same thing is now happening to ordinary
rank and file members and to the general public who wish to join. You’re either
complicit in everything they do, or consigned to the dustbin of history. This
totalitarianism is the reason why I now wish Labour never win another General
Election. Personally, I would rather see a Tory government elected with an
overwhelming majority than the return of that notorious, despicable mob. Now,
some might say there’s an element of sour grapes in this account, which is true
of course but the biggest loser in the whole sorry episode is the Labour Party
who can no longer claim to represent socialism when they’re mired in constant
controversy, cover-ups and scandals. The likes of the Green Party, TUSC and
Respect seem to be the new socialist alternatives but they are embryonic in
comparison to Labour and will take time to grow.

In addition
to this membership apartheid, the Labour Party is now a graveyard for the
over-PC (political correctness) brigade and the bunch of loonies who subscribe
to wacky rules such as nurses not being allowed to tell a patient that they’ll
say a prayer for them and of course the most famous one, ‘We can’t put up
Christmas lights because it’ll offend non-Christians’- whether the latter is a
myth spread by far-right nutters is unclear but it wouldn’t surprise me if they
did actually say and believe that tosh! This kind of lunacy and all the other
negatives that come with over-political correctness are one of the main reasons
why these hypocrites and champagne socialists must never be allowed in a
position of power again.

Rotherham, the Labour dictatorship has a firm hand on a noose that runs right
around the town which they tighten day by day and until people start to see
that for what it is and boycott the despicable, hypocritical party, then
nothing much will change. However, allying with the far-right is never the
answer. Our ancestors fought two World Wars to eradicate Nazism as well as for
the continuity of the British Empire. Seeking moderate alternatives is the way
forward to create a real Rotherham Renaissance, not pandering to right wing
zealots and reactionaries; their message is to create barriers in our town, and
similarly the Labour Party are doing the same thing. However, as citizens of
Rotherham, we should do our utmost to fight against these divisions and
co-exist as one community united by a common language, common morals, values
and principles.  

Labour have
failed the British people, they’ve failed their own members, they’ve failed the
most vulnerable in our society and now they have failed the principles on which
they were founded.”

Omar Mehban

Rotherham By-Election – Omar Mehban Declares Candidacy

Important Announcement…

by sirm1991

At the end of the 2012 local elections, I had learnt an important lesson. I didn’t like our politics, and I knew Rotherham deserved better.

Unfortunately, we have had cover-ups and political scandals of epic proportions in this last year, culminating in our former MP resigning after fiddling his expenses.

As a proud citizen of Rotherham, I am no longer prepared to tolerate this kind of disrespect to the hard working people of our town. I care about Rotherham, so I intend to put my name forward to stand as an Independent candidate in Rotherham’s by-election on the 29th November 2012.

I believe Rotherham is desperate for a new politics, a genuine politics and a politics where the people are empowered, not ignored. Over the next week or so, I will start to canvass opinion across our town and put forward reasonable and rational proposals to resurrect people’s belief in their MP and their town.

Rotherham needs to be brave enough to vote Independent and demand change from decades of Labour rule. If I am elected, my main priority will be to re-establish the power of democracy’s finest gem; its people. However, I cannot embark on such a colossal mission alone. I need your help.

Please email me if you can help my campaign, in any way possible. Let’s fight for the future of Rotherham together!

Omar Mehban

Omar ‘succeeds’ in Boston Castle!

Omar Mehban’s campaign got it’s reward last night when we discovered 64 votes were cast for him! Omar, we understand was hoping for fewer than this!

How many Loonies can there be in Boston Castle Ward? The answer to that question is at least 64 and allowing for the turnout there could be many more?

The urgent question on everyone’s lips is will the Official Monster Raving Loony Party field more candidates in 2014? Rothpol certainly hopes so!

Well done Omar from Loonies every where!

Oh! The loony that won this epic political battle? Labour’s, Mahroof Hussain!

Boston Castle Ward – Omar Mehban’s Manicfesto Out!

Omar Mehban, standing in the Boston Castle Ward for the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ has released his Manicfesto today!

View/download this priceless artifact of Rotherham’s 2012 Election Season:

Omar Mehban Yellow Manicfesto!