So different last year?


Firstly a reminder from last year when a much greater sum was made available: Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme Hi Riki, interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak Supermarket scheme. Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families … Continue reading

RMBC Payday lenders blocked by council


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Thanks to our spotter, we can bring this to wider attention: Our spotter also made the following points: I’m not sure how to ensure that all pay-day-lenders are blocked/re-directed, why not gambling sites as well, why not rothpol? Tricky even … Continue reading

Ahmed in the Times – One

Very grateful to a regular reader for this information from the Times newspaper and researched and written by Andrew Norfolk, the award winning, Chief Investigative Reporter, no less!

Muslim peer blames Jewish Day one 'Jewish conspiracy' peer

Day Two with Opinion from Maajid Nawaz and Jahangir Akhtar, later.

Comments on, Naz Ahmed’s outrageous claims!, may interest readers.

Labour’s Embarrassment Complete?

On Wednesday the Times Chief Investigative Reporter, Andrew Norfolk, broke another very embarrassing story concerning Rotherham and it’s turbulent Labour peer!

Featuring Lord Ahmed and some of his pretty outrageous views. On this occasion spoken by himself and broadcast on television, last year in Pakistan.

Rothpol would be very grateful for some scans from the Times, Wednesday and Thursdays editions, so that anyone who missed them can read the sorry tale for themselves, if any reader could oblige?

Meanwhile, as a warm up, I thought readers might like to review these links to stories that made it into the local and national press and media last week:

From the BBC: Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended after ‘Jewish claims’

The Advertiser: Rotherham peer suspended over new controversy

The Star: Peer suspended by Labour

Yorkshire Post: Labour suspends Yorkshire peer over ‘Jewish conspiracy’ slur

The Telegraph: Busy people text while driving, claimed Peer jailed over fatal crash

The Independent: ‘There’s no place for anti-Semitism in the Labour party’: Ed Miliband condemns Lord Ahmed over claims he blamed imprisonment on ‘Jewish conspiracy’

The Guardian: Labour suspends Muslim peer after reports of antisemitic comments

New Statesman: Lord Ahmed accused of blaming Jewish media owners for his prison sentence

Mirror: Labour peer suspended over claims he blamed Jewish plot for being jailed after fatal car crash

Evening Standard: Labour suspend Lord Ahmed over ‘Jewish conspiracy’ claims

Daily Mail: Labour suspends controversial peer over claims he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his dangerous driving jail sentence

At Rotherham Politics, we are left scratching our heads at the activities of Lord Ahmed and his apparently limitless ability to cause such offence. We are also continually baffled and dismayed at the failure of the Labour Party to adequately deal with him!

This time, there must be no way back for this deeply flawed individual.

Oh, the answer to my question?

Not by a long chalk! Especially if the labour party continues to stick their heads in the sand and ignore Rotherham’s central problem that Naz Ahmed, Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain exemplify!

With Sajid Bostan’s words still ringing in my ears, “We’ve fixed the Council, we’ve fixed the Police and we’ve fixed the Advertiser,” we have a lot to put right in our Town.

Another take – blaming it on link to MacShane?

Political Scrapbook had a different take entirely on the mystery of Moofy’s failure to be selected for the Rotherham seat:

Was local Rotherham candidate kept off shortlist over MacShane links?

11:20am Wed November 14th

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With Labour’s controversial selection process for Rotherham culminating in a walk-out by local party members last night, questions have been asked as to why the leading local candidate was excluded from the shortlist after Labour sources claimed they needed “a clean break from the past”.

Having a literally glittering record for his ten years on Rotherham council, Mahroof Hussain was the obvious omission from a panel of candidates which is set by the party at national level. But local members stormed out of the selection meeting Read on………

Will Ed Fix It For Moofy?

After the shenanigans of the Rotherham CLP candidate selection meeting for a replacement Member of Parliament, even Moofy realised he may have made a tactical blunder.

Since things have settled down a bit, we understand that no less than three meetings between Ed Miliband and Moofy Hussain, have taken place.

The result, according to Moofy, he will be shoehorned in as a candidate to fight the 2015 General Election. Moofy thinks that Rother Valley would be a suitable berth from which to start a parliamentary career and is said to be focussing his interest there.

Why did Moofy get an MBE? A very interesting question indeed! The question, explored on Tales From the Town Hall. We hear, the reason may be have been motivated by more down to earth considerations?

PAK Supermarket – What does it sell?

Numerous commenters, in both private communications with Rothpol and in comments left on Rotherham Politics, have defended the sole involvement of the PAK Supermarket on the basis that it sold neither cigarettes nor alcohol, without benefit of evidence for their assertions.

Rothpol was alerted to the fact that this claim may not be the full truth, by an observant private correspondent, to whom Rothpol is grateful.

Just checked and although they do not sell alcohol, they do in fact sell cigarettes and tobacco. So this claim turns out only to be 50% right.


Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!

Hi Riki,
Is this Cllr Mahroof Hussain featured in this PAK supermarket
Rotherham Youtube video? 10 seconds in? Does he know the owner?

So Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!

Surely questions have to be asked about this scheme and who
benefits from ratepayers money? As well as why PAK was chosen and
what part Cllr Hussain has played in PAK gaining the sole
participatory rights?

A curious citizen.

Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme

Hi Riki,
interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak
Supermarket scheme.

Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families who are struggling to
provide food for families at Xmas is due to be approved at cabinet

It will be interesting to view the minutes of this meeting. Qs Who
proposed the scheme? Who suggested PAK Supermarket Rotherham be the
sole beneficiary and why this supermarket was chosen? Where other
stores asked to participate?

A curious citizen.

RMBC Official take: Rotherham Launches Festive Food Fund

Mahroof Hussain Statement: Festive Food Fund for Struggling Families

Generosity to whom?

Hi Riki,
As I was reading the BBC Southyorkshire web page a wonderful story
lept from my screen. RMBC in an extraordinary act of kindness as
loaned the Credit Union 80,000 pounds of ratepayers money to be
made available to families and people in crisis by way of food
parcels. Socialism in action I thought. What an excellent scheme.

Then I read on…the vouchers are only redeemable at PAK
Supermarket at Wellgate. Why only PAK I wondered? My curiosity got
the better of me and so I searched Companies House for information
on PAK Supermarket which will be the recipient of tens of thousands
of Rotherham ratepayer’s pounds…a guarenteed windfall. To my
surprise I found that PAK had recently hit hard times:

Why then I wonder would RMBC present this ailing company with such
a windfall? A further search turned up some more interesting facts;

‘Pak Supermarket (Rotherham) Limited was founded on 23 Dec 2010 and
has its registered office in South Yorkshire. The organisation’s
status is ‘Non-trading’, and they have 1 associated directors – all
of which are current. Mohammed Ayiaz is the Pak Supermarket
(Rotherham) Limited’s sole shareholder with a total of 1.00 shares.
The company has 1 subsidiary.’

Who are the directors? Who is Mr Ayiaz? Who decided to set up a
scheme with PAC Supermarket Rotherham being the only beneficiary in
terms of rate payers cash being exchanged for goods whereby a
private company would profit financially? Is this a council bailout
by the back door? There are currently more questions than answers.

Then I noticed Ms Champion was singing from the twitter tops about
the scheme (even exagerating the 80,000 claiming it was 100,0000).

Something doesn’t seem right here! More probing to follow! Is there
anyone who can shed light on Mr Ayiaz or his family connections in
Rotherham or Birmingham? I am guessing he knows someone with links
to the council since his business was chosen specifically. The
reason why is unclear for now!

A curious citizen.